Monoliths A Many

The first monolith was discovered in Utah and of course I had to write about it…… it then disappeared and reemerged in Romania I believe……then again elsewhere…..They’ve so far been spotted in Utah, California, the Isle of Wight, Romania and now Australia. The new monolith in Australia sadly puts our theory that aliens are creating an “I’m with stupid” sign pointing right at Monaco to bed.

The newest monolith has a set of coordinates…..

The latest monolith (and yes, we’re still calling it a monolith – we’re not going to be the only news organization calling it a “big metal thing” even though it’s technically not a monolith) comes with a new mystery. There appear to be coordinates written all over it.

The first set of coordinates mark the location for Trump Tower, New York, Yahoo News reports. Who knows at this point, maybe it’s a marketing gimmick from Trump in conjunction with the galactic civilizations he’s supposedly in contact with (according to the former head of Israel’s Space Security Program). 

The other coordinates point to seemingly random locations including Managaha, an uninhabited island  in the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Sphinx in Egypt. If you’re going to write mysterious coordinates on a monolith, may as well put the Sphinx in there while you’re at it.

Though mysterious, we’re pretty sure now that all the monoliths are copycats of the original monolith in Utah, which has appeared on Google Maps since 2016. There’s even footage of one group of copycats taking a monolith out into the middle of nowhere and then “discovering” it.

Did the coordinates say anything about space?

Yes I said space.

An unidentified object hovering in space near the International Space Station was live-streamed on NASA TV on Tuesday. The object appeared to be some 10 meters in length and about 2 meters across, and perhaps 3 km from the ISS. It is in the shape of a silver monolith.

Silver monoliths have been sighted in various places on Earth, since November when a silver monolith appeared in Utah’s Red Rock Desert. As far as we know, this is the first one found in Earth orbit.

Earth orbit is full of debris from defunct satellites and discarded rocket stages. Such objects, however, typically appear to tumble end over end. This object was stable, hanging in space as it appeared to observe the station.

Video of the close encounter may be seen here:

Update 12/12: Men in Black, Twitter remove video.

Late 2020 has seen numerous sightings of mystery silver monoliths. On November 29th, hikers near San Luis Obispo, California discovered a third 10-foot metal monolith almost identical to the two others discovered in Utah and Romania.

In Stanley Kubrick’s classic film 2001, a Space Odyssey, black monoliths are a theme. But recently, monoliths have appeared outside of science fiction. Monoliths even appear in photos of Mars and one of its moons, Phobos.

(Santa Monica Observer)

Let your imagination run amok!

Enjoy your Saturday….Be well….Be Safe….

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