Gay Transportation

Please do not let the title confuse you…..

The news has broke…..Mayor Pete a candidate for the Dem nomination in 2020 has been tapped to be the next SecTrans…..and we will be beat about the head and shoulders with this news….you see in case you forgot…..Pete is gay.

Another of Joe Biden’s former primary foes is getting a key role in the new administration. The president-elect will nominate Pete Buttigieg to serve as transportation secretary, reports CNN. Assuming he’s confirmed by the Senate, the 38-year-old former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, will be the first openly gay Cabinet secretary, notes Politico. Buttigieg was widely expected to land a significant role. The Washington Post recounts that when Buttigieg dropped out of the presidential race, he endorsed Biden at a pivotal moment before the Super Tuesday primaries. Biden then compared Buttigieg, who served a tour in Afghanistan as an intelligence officer in the Navy Reserve, to his late son Beau.

“It’s the highest compliment I can give any man or woman,” Biden said at the time. “I promise you, you’re going to end up, over your lifetime, seeing a hell of a lot more of Pete than you are of me.” Biden has not formally announced the move yet, but after Reuters first reported the pick via anonymous sources, a slew of major outlets have confirmed it through sources of their own. One area of possible friction: Reuters notes that progressive groups and Black leaders fault Buttigieg for not doing enough to fight systemic racism during his mayoral reign in South Bend.

I say congrats to Mayor Pete….but the news needs to let his orientation go… he qualified?

His sexual preference should not be news.

Sorry to be a downer here…..

Once again Biden is rewarding the Centrists with NO policy ideas and ignoring the idea people of the party….and that tells me where this country is going…..nowhere…..his gayness does not alter the facts.

Predictably, Biden’s sterile roster of cabinet picks seem geared toward appeasing a mythical political center that no longer exists, if it ever did.

Biden is a politician who is unlikely to disappoint his followers for the simple reason that he has few truly devoted adherents and offers them little of substance. Mostly, he delivers on small things, tiny symbolic acts that serve to mask the broader betrayals of movements and aspirations he claimed to represent but never had any real interest in. Unlike Obama, idealism was never Biden’s calling card. His entire career he has sold a brutal brand of pragmatism behind a dental implant smile.

At least Pete is NOT an Obamite…..he can be said to be the future of the party…..I say nope….maybe his personality but NOT his policies.

Remember that “Blue Wave” that was predicted… fell on its face because there was NEVER any proof of this mythical “Wave”…..

THe government is stuck in the “Centrist” mud……spinning its wheels and going nowhere.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

10 thoughts on “Gay Transportation

  1. His ardent followers remind me of those of a cult leader in the White House. He has potential, I agree, yet their demanding he be given a cabinet level position in the Biden administration struck me as a ridiculous one for a man at his stage of experience. I would have expected him to take a more traditional path as state senator or governor where he could develop his legislative and governance skills before getting a big Washington quagmire position where he risks being eaten alive.

      1. Yes, I have no issue with his sexual orientation either. His military service and clear intelligence impress me more, and I think I can will consider him for higher office once he has more experience.

      2. Exactly. That lack of depth seems not to register with his ardent supporters. (Hence my sense that he has a cult-like following, however big, and we know how that went with someone with far less intelligence or scruples.)

  2. His sexual orientation is irrelevant, as long as he does a good job. The previous Irish Prime Minister is gay, and married to a man. It never affected his job.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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