The Massive Blue Wave

This from my op-ed blog…..this election was NOT the blow out that all the polls predicted before the vote. There is NO mandate….just a change of the Fool on the Hill.

Gulf South Free Press

For months the polls and the pundits kept telling us mere mortals about the massive Blue Wave that was taking shape in the 2020 election…..all the indications were there this year of a possible sweep for Dems in Congress…these were the same sources that kept telling us about the HRC presidency.

The problem for Dems was they keep believing the crap pollsters feed them and as usual they LOSE!

Let’s look at that non-existent Blue Wave…..

Some Democrats had been hoping that popular rejection of Donald Trump would lead to a clear Biden victory on election day, the taking of a majority in the Senate, and an increase in the Democratic majority in the Congress. But the anticipated Democratic landslide was not to be. Trump won the key up-for-grab states of Florida, Texas, and Ohio by strong margins. Biden is headed toward an Electoral College majority on the basis of…

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3 thoughts on “The Massive Blue Wave

  1. Democrats are not fighters. They tend to accept whatever comes along and they roll with the punches and go with the flow. Their occasional wins in elections is generally more luck and circumstance than it is aggressive organization. That is why the Dems always seem to cave to the Republicans everywhere and all the time on every issue that arises.

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