More Covid News–Good And Bad

Sorry to be a downer with the hopes around the new vaccine…..but the bad news first…..

Yes we have a vaccine and people are starting to be treated…..the same day as the US vaccine began more news has come out about the pandemic……a new strain of Covid-19…….a strain that the vaccine may not protect people from acquiring.

A new variant of the coronavirus has been identified in Britain and while Health Secretary Matt Hancock says it could be linked to a fast rise in cases, experts say people should remain calm. Hancock told lawmakers Monday that more than 1,000 cases of the new variant have been identified, and “it may be associated with the faster spread in the southeast of England,” where COVID cases have been rising sharply,” the Guardian reports. “I must stress at this point that there is currently nothing to suggest that this variant is more likely to cause serious disease, and the latest clinical advice is that it’s highly unlikely that this mutation would fail to respond to a vaccine,” Hancock said, per CNN.

Hancock said British scientists are researching the variant and the World Health Organization has been notified. He said that with infection rates in some areas doubling every seven days, London and a few neighboring areas will return to a stricter lockdown level this week. University of Birmingham expert Alan McNally tells the BBC that the variant was detected in recent weeks. “Let’s not be hysterical. It doesn’t mean it’s more transmissible or more infectious or dangerous,” he says. “It is something to keep an eye on.” He adds: “Huge efforts are ongoing at characterizing the variant and understanding its emergence. It is important to keep a calm and rational perspective on the strain as this is normal virus evolution and we expect new variants to come and go and emerge over time.”

Just what the world needs these days…..a new strain of Covid-19…..let us just hope that the response will be better and more thorough than the response for the most recent pandemic.

Now the good news……

The Pfizer vaccine is already happily being doled out. And now Moderna’s may join it within a week, reports the Washington Post. Like Pfizer’s, it was found to be highly effective, around 94%, in clinical trials. On Tuesday, a panel of FDA scientists confirmed the accuracy of those results, clearing the way for the next steps. A panel of outside experts is expected to endorse the vaccine on Thursday, followed by a quick emergency authorization of its use by FDA regulators, per Bloomberg. If Moderna’s vaccine follows the same path as Pfizer’s—and no surprises are expected—the first inoculations would be delivered on Monday.

Please be well and be safe.

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7 thoughts on “More Covid News–Good And Bad

  1. Little is known definitively about the new strains of Covid-19 – the one from mink, the one most common in Europe, as opposed to the one in China and now the possible new one in England. The UKs mismanagement of Covid- provided a good environment for a new strain to develop. Its description reminds me of the last version of Ebola in 2019. It spread more easily but was less deadly. Really successful viruses adapt and survive, perhaps by spreading more easily and being less deadly. By killing fewer percentage of hosts, it survives. The bad news is that if it infects more easily, in the end, more people die in the long run, because the infection does not run out of victims and die out itself like SARs did.

  2. More bad news — the vaccine scammers have appeared on the scene now offering useless nostrums claiming to cure the disease for a price. So the scammers are now offering their own useless version of a covid vaccine. Buyer beware.

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