Cessation Of Home Evictions

The raging pandemic and the loss of employment had caused a surge in the number of home evictions because of the inability to pay ones mortgage….

Something had to be done…..

The government, the CDC to be exact, had issued an order for the cessation of home evictions during the pandemic.

This action, although needed, leaves gaping holes in the Trump administration’s response to the pre-existing and current pandemic-impacted housing crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic was expected to trigger the severest housing crisis in U.S. history. By one estimate, as many as 40 million Americans were at risk of eviction.

Then in September, the CDC made an unprecedented announcement: Most evictions had to be halted through the end of the year. Dr. Robert R. Redfield, director of the CDC, signed a declaration that said evictions could get in the way of the nation’s attempts at curbing the coronavirus.

But the moratorium is failing to keep many families in their homes during the crisis, according to eviction records, housing advocates and legal aid attorneys. Tens of thousands of people have been evicted since September because the CDC’s policy has been applied inconsistently across states and some landlords have ignored or challenged their tenants’ attempts at using the protection, experts say.


AS one might expect….the inconsistency of the Trump admin made this attempt to help the American people little more than just another idle promise.

The Eviction Lab at Princeton University has identified around 80,000 evictions in just the 27 cities that it tracks, including Cleveland, Houston, Tampa and New York, during September, October and November.

Jim Baker, executive director of the Private Equity Stakeholder Project, has counted more than 20,000 new eviction cases filed since September by corporate landlords in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Tennessee and Texas alone.

Once again the people of this country are secondary…..the Congress made sure to protect corporations in this time of hardship and yet did very little for the people that pay the bills for this failing experiment that is our government.

And yet we vote the same type of gutless spineless politicians time after time……the fault is ours not the system.

At least the Congressional Progressives tried to do the right thing…..

A group of progressive lawmakers including Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders sent letters to the Department of Housing and Urban Development and private landlord associations on Wednesday demanding an immediate nationwide moratorium on evictions as individuals and families struggle with the massive financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Evicting families from their homes in the middle of a pandemic is cruel and dangerous,” reads the letter (pdf) to Housing Secretary Ben Carson. “HUD must avoid the risk of exacerbating a public health emergency and protect the safety of renters.”

Joining Warren and Sanders in signing the letter were Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), and Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.).


Sadly this went nowhere…..because the cowardly centrists were not on-board….their owners and donors made sure this went nowhere.

Finally….Please STOP calling Pelosi a Progressive!  It shows your ignorance when you do.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

6 thoughts on “Cessation Of Home Evictions

  1. We had a stop on evictions from the start, last March. That technically expired in September. However, there is now a Christmas extension in place. That doesn’t look good for all those who will start to be evicted come the 27th of December.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. They mayors and governors issuing these shutdown orders act as though not getting a paycheck is some sort of inconvenience of little or no consequence. It results in eviction and homelessness.

    1. Yeah I agree…let them starve and go without stuff for the kids. …more important to waste money challenging stupid stuff….merry xmas chuq

  3. Landlords have traditionally been entitled to receive rent in return for the use of their properties and the government has no right to interfere with that tradition. It is not the fault of the landlord that people have not saved money to see themselves through hard times and there are many “Squatters” who will take full advantage of this instance of the government stealing money rightfully due to landlords. This is egregious government over reach.

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