Another Pandemic Side Effect

Closing Thought–20Nov20

There are many side effects of the pandemic that is ravaging the planet. All things you can imagine but the one the most got my attention was something that the nation had been trying to stamp out for decades….smoking.

Jamie Hickey, a 41-year-old personal trainer based in Pennsylvania, hadn’t smoked in eight years, but he caved when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. “The boredom was the biggest part of it — just wanting something to do,” he said. “It broke up the monotony of the day, and if we weren’t in quarantine, I don’t think I would’ve ever gone back.”

The pandemic has encouraged us to pick up some pretty bad habits: bingeing (of television, food, and alcohol varieties), ghosting, doomscrolling, impulse shopping — but one that seems particularly counterintuitive is smoking. The choice to smoke feels strange right now for so many reasons: It’s an unnecessary expense in a time that has made our wallets tight, nicotine withdrawals can make users jittery, and it puts our lung health at risk.

We still are in the dark about some aspects of the coronavirus, but we know that it has taken the lives of more than 240,000 Americans and that it generally affects the ability of an infected person to breathe comfortably. At the beginning of the pandemic, being put on a ventilator was the death knell for thousands of people who were struggling with virus-related respiratory issues. A World Health Organization study found a “statistically significant association between smoking status and primary endpoints of admission to Intensive Care Unit (ICU), ventilator use or death” in Covid-19 patients.

Now I await the next round of anti-smoking propaganda….but it will have to wait until the anti-vaping ads run their course.

Whatever happened to “this is your brain on drugs”?

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4 thoughts on “Another Pandemic Side Effect

  1. I didn’t go back to smoking cigarettes, but I certainly ate a lot of buns and cakes at the start of the earlier lockdown. I know some people who went a bit crazy with food and drink, and their thought was, “If I’m going to die of this virus, I might as well be happy”.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My coping technique was books and movies… other words not much change from my normal routine…..I kinda like being a hermit…as long as Sue and MoMo are there. chuq

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