Another Can’t Fix Stupid

It is Sunday and I am always amazed just how stupid Americans are about history….especially those that want to help rule the country….

I am referring to the Senator-elect from Alabama, Tommy Tuberville.

This is his reason for the US fighting in World War 2……

“It’s concerning to me that a guy can run for president of the United States and have an opportunity to win when he leans more to a socialist type of government, you know, one-payer system in health care, raise taxes 20 percent, when the other half the country is basically voting for freedom, let us control our own lives, stay out of our life,” said Tuberville, a former college football coach. “You know, as I tell people, my dad fought 76 years ago in Europe to free Europe of socialism.”

Think about that for a moment…..

Did you spot the stupid in that statement?

In case you are confused…..

In World War II, the United States was fighting against the Axis powers, which were mostly right-wing fascist governments. In fact, Americans fought alongside the socialist USSR as allies.

I guess he took too many hits to the head….or maybe his bad knees go all the way to his head…..either way….

There is No Fixin’ Stupid

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

36 thoughts on “Another Can’t Fix Stupid

  1. It’s funny how Europe, and especially Scandinavia, are the centers of democratic socialism 76 years later. Well they can have state free medical care and college, I’ll stick with freedom; just don’t mess with my Social Security and Medicare 🙂

      1. Yes, I know!
        For those, knowledgeable, interested in stuff, outside their safezone, like you.
        It’s hard to deal with those that choose to be ignorant by choice.

        Keep up your good work, sir!


        Flowers if you need some antidote against stupidity

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