Closing Thought–10Nov20

Remember all those allegations of voter fraud….and those are still being flung around liberally……the question is why?

There has been NO wholesale voter fraud and yet Donald the Orange and his allies keep throwing that pile of pasta at the wall….what purpose does that serge now?

The Trump campaign’s strategy to file a barrage of lawsuits challenging Joe Biden’s win is more about providing President Trump with an off-ramp for a loss he can’t quite grasp and less about changing the election’s outcome, according to senior officials, campaign aides and allies who spoke to the AP. Trump has promised legal action in the coming days as he refused to concede his loss to Biden, making an aggressive pitch for donors to help finance any court fight. Trump and his campaign have leveled accusations of large-scale voter fraud in Pennsylvania and other states that broke for Biden, so far without proof. But proof isn’t really the point, said the people. Trump aides and allies also acknowledged privately the legal fights would—at best—forestall the inevitable.

And some had deep reservations about the president’s attempts to undermine faith in the vote. But they said Trump and a core group of allies were aiming to keep his loyal base of supporters on his side even in defeat. There has never been a presidential election in memory where such widespread, conspiratorial fraud was alleged. Moments after the race was called, Rudy Giuliani stood in front of campaign banner taped over the garage door in Philadelphia, wedged near a cremation center and an adult book store called “Fantasy Island,” with a handful of poll watchers and declared they’d been kept too far away to check for any inaccuracies. But voter fraud is extremely rare, and when it does happen, people are generally prosecuted and it does not change the outcome of the election.

It is to keep the low IQ voter in-line and in the Trump column even in defeat….but not to worry…..FOX News will have a spot for Trump and the sycophants….hate will prevail….

Remember the days when Rudy was America;s mayor after the attacks of 9/11?  What happened to him?  Was he just blowing smoke of America’s ass?  Maybe dementia has set in and his true nature has come to the surface.

Anyway he has proven to me that he has always been a sick, corrupt politician and lawyer….something I did not doubt in any way.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–10Nov20

  1. He is ‘rabble-rousing’, pure and simple. But if he is expecting armed revolution, he had better supply the beer to give then courage!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I am more concerned that Trump is busily stacking the upper echelons of the Pentagon with loyalists. Imagine what life would be like if he were to manage to take a Hitlerian control of the military to move against the population as he chooses (Or to solidify his position of power in spite of the inconvenience of such trifles as elections.)

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