Middle East Will Need Attention

After November no matter who wins the election the Middle East will need more attention…..because it is going to crap as I type…..

Just look at the special deal the Kushner worked out for the Middle East….it is s couple months old and already going to crap….

n the heels of the historic normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, news leaked of a secret clause engineered by President Donald Trump’s senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner to sell billions of dollars worth of advanced U.S. weaponry, including drones and F-35 stealth fighter jets, to the United Arab Emirates. Israel has longed opposed sales of strategic weapons systems to other countries in the Middle East.

State Department officials and aides from relevant congressional committees told CNN they had not been notified of such a deal, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced the rumored sale as “fake news.

Kushner’s Transactional Middle East Strategy is Already Showing Strain

It is time to change the paradigm in the Middle East……US needs to halt any further attempts to dominate the region…..

Conventional wisdom holds that the presence of United States forces in the Middle East makes America and the region more secure. To the contrary, the U.S. military’s large footprint in the region, combined with voluminous U.S. arms sales and support for repressive regimes, drives instability and exacerbates grievances and conditions that threaten the United States. This presence has made Americans less safe and undermined U.S. standing abroad; it also leaves America less prepared to address more dangerous nonmilitary challenges such as pandemics and climate change, as the Covid–19 crisis makes clear.

Given the manifest failure of the current strategy, growing calls for a demilitarized approach to the region should come as no surprise. However, translating concepts of military restraint into practical policy requires sustained effort. This paper is intended to move the debate forward by operationalizing a holistic approach to the region based on a narrow definition of vital U.S. interests, in accordance with a foreign policy centered on military restraint and responsible statecraft.

U.S. policy toward the Middle East should be guided by two core interests: Protect the United States from attack; and facilitate the free flow of global commerce.

A New U.S. Paradigm for the Middle East: Ending America’s Misguided Policy of Domination

Trump is threatening to bring our troops in Iraq home….or well at least move them out…..earlier this month (August)…..

The US-led coalition in Iraq has withdrawn the last of its forces from Camp Taji, a base near Iraq’s capital Baghdad that has been the target of recent rocket attacks. The coalition handed control of the base to Iraqi security forces, along with $347 million in military equipment.

The anti-ISIS coalition dubbed Operation Inherent Resolve is hailing the move as a success and says it is part of a “long-range” plan with the Iraqi government.

“Camp Taji has historically held up to 2,000 Coalition members, with the majority departing over the summer of 2020,” the coalition said in a statement released on Sunday. The statement said the force was made up of a Spanish helicopter battalion and “military trainers” from Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, the UK, the US, and NATO.

It is not clear if the forces withdrawing from Camp Taji are leaving Iraq entirely, or if they are just being redeployed in the country. Currently, there are about 5,000 US troops in Iraq and an additional 2,500 from other countries that are part of the coalition.


18 thoughts on “Middle East Will Need Attention

    1. Doug not as long as we keep election war hawks like Biden, Harris, Obama, Trump……out antiwar candidates have been marginalized to the point of NO chance….chuq

      1. It’s a convenient way to rally the people around something. As Vietnam era “cannon fodder”, I have no regrets that i took delayed entry because I ended up as a Combat Motion Picture Photographer stationed the whole time in Germany. That position pretty much ended sometime in the following years, just as it was coming to a close in Vietnam at the time I was assigned to Germany. I slipped in at just the right time for my survival it seems.

      2. It was luck of the draw. I had a choice of three MOS’s, draftsman, still photographer, or motion picture photographer. I ranked them in that order, but got my last choice. Until I was assigned to Germany in my MOS, I didn’t realize I got the absolutely best job of the three! It was almost a vacation since we photo teams were on the road so much of the time we didn’t have specific responsibilities at our home base. That is to say, between road jobs, we prepared our film for shipping to the US for developing, filled out film magazines for our next jobs, cleaned our equipment, charged out battery packs, and screwed around on a sound stage till break times. (Break times were mid morning, noon, and mid afternoon, so we went to the PX snack bar.) The rest of the time on base was spent hiding from the sergeant in charge of use to avoid housecleaning. For this reason, though I am a Vietnam Era veteran, I prefer people not thank me for my service. I’m proud of the work I did as a MOPIC guy (and the Pentagon guys who reviewed our work always gave high praise to my work…), but the thanks goes to those who spent their time in Vietnam!

      3. The description of mine was Combat Motion Picture Photographer. Lucky for me, the Vietnam war was slowing down for Americans as the mess was turned over to the fated South Vietnamese, so there was no openings for those of us training in Winter 1970 to become the next mopic guys. There was a South Vietnamese Navy guy in my class who probably went home to that mess, but the Marine, Air Force guys, and Army guys served elsewhere.

  1. Little sarcasm appreciated? 😉 Can we say that after the weapon deals the US Army will stay in the region, , like a service crew? It will take a long time printing all the service manuals in a foreign language. Lol Michael

      1. Thats true too. Some weeks ago Poland had welcomed them, in advance. Here two garnisons should be closed, and one can see our politicans in Bavaria dont notreally love the Americans, they only want to get their money. 😉 A point i have to agree to DJT. Michael

      2. Thank you Chuq! Will have a look. Have you read about? The new German ambassador in Poland will be a origin from the Baltic. His father (Bernd Freytag von Loringhofen) was in highest military service under the Nazis, later the Bundeswehr. His son was in the German Secret Service, and now ambassador. Hurrah! My thoughts in the direction “The old times are back. The nobility is able to serve under all circumstances!” :-))

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