Remember Top Gun?

The weekend and the search for news and thoughts that can be of interest to my readers…..

Off we go into the wild blue yonder……

The movie made about the elite and unbeatable Air Aces from the schools in the US…..I mean it was so important and influential that there is a sequel in the process.

But recently there is some sad news for this program…..there seems these “Top Guns” have been beaten……there claim to fame is no longer.

No it was not Russian that beat them…..or the Chinese…..then who could possibly be that good?

It’s official: The robots are taking over.

Not quite. But in a significant development on August 20, an artificial intelligence (AI) program managed to defeat a human F-16 pilot in simulated dogfights. The AI program, designed by tech firm Heron Systems, was pitched against the human pilot in an environment resembling an elaborate video game during the third and final event of the AlphaDogfight trials organized by U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Heron System’s website notes that the program was based on deep reinforcement learning – an AI technique that combines insights from behavioral psychology with how the human cortex is structured and functions – along with unspecified innovations. The bested human operator, publicly known only by their callsign, “Banger,” was reported to have been trained at the Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Don’t look now but this is just another step into the future and the prediction of “Skynet”.

Oh the horror!

Will that mean the cancellation of the Top Gun sequel?  (Sarcasm)

In case anyone is interested……

Heron, a small, female- and minority-owned company with offices in Maryland and Virginia, builds artificial intelligence agents, and is also a player in DARPA’s Gamebreaker effort to explore tactics for disrupting enemy strategies using real-world games as platforms. The company beat eight other teams, including one led by defense giant Lockheed Martin — which came in second in the AlphaDogfight “semi-finals” that pitted the AI pilots against each other this morning.

Congrats Ladies!  Job well done!

This ends my Saturday posts….my wife will have me designing a garden for next Spring… least it gets me away from the keyboard for awhile…..

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8 thoughts on “Remember Top Gun?

  1. I always thought that film was a lot of nonsense. Once they start using robots to fly fighter planes, I dread to imagine what might happen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It made finding recruits a lot easier after the movie…..I have a post in the works about the next generation ‘bots for combat….next weekend probably. chuq

  2. Yes, i think so too. “Top Gun” was a very good advertising campaign. The best ever, i think. My dear Tom Cruise. Now he only can hope for a lot of other “Mission Impossible” episodes. 😉 Michael

      1. At first i had not loved him too. But in the meanwhile – i saw a TV-Show with him – he looks like to me like a nice guy. Captured for mich more advertising, but this – sorry – in my meaning is one of the American ways of life. 😉 Have a beautiful week too. Michael

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