Kamala Is Dead! Long Live Kamala!

Since I do not like Biden or his VP pick I bet you guys think that this is some how a post about the things that is wrong with Kamala, right?  (That has already been written)

Oh you guys would be sooooo wrong!

This Kamala is a Mississippi native……

This Kamala is Kamala the Ugandan Giant…a wrestler from the good old days of pro wrestling.

James Harris, a former professional wrestler best known as Kamala, the “Ugandan Giant,” has died. He was 70.

“Unfortunately, the rumors were correct,” Kenny Casanova, coauthor of Harris’ autobiography, Kamala Speakswrote on Facebook. “To make matters worse, it was Corona that took him; he was one of the good ones.”

Harris shot to fame in the 1980s heyday of pro wrestling, battling superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant and The Undertaker for World Wrestling Entertainment, then known as the WWF, or World Wrestling Federation

Wrestling icon Bret “The Hitman” Hart said Harris played “a terrifying monster” in the ring, with his tribal mask, face paint and body paint on his 6′7”, 380-pound frame. But the reality couldn’t have been more different. 


Those were the days of Cowboy Bob Kelly, Junkyard Dog, Stagger Lee, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, etc etc. when pro-wrestling was done at National Guard armories….okay I am dating myself.

Kamala, Thanx for the memories.


“lego ergo scribo”

In closing some great old blues…..2 and half hours of great music…..enjoy

2 thoughts on “Kamala Is Dead! Long Live Kamala!

  1. I never took to wrestling at that level. It always seemed so fake to me. Just showmanship.
    I’m sorry the man died though. 71 is not that old anymore.
    Best ishes, Pete.

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