Returning To Work

Tomorrow it will be official in many states that the return to work is happening….and in doing so the CDC has issued some guidelines (if you are inclined to stay healthy)…..

As cities begin to reopen and employers call their staff back to the office, the CDC has issued several guidelines for how to remain safe and healthy back in an office-centric work routine.

The primary concern of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are employees who commute to the office using public transportation or ride sharing services, where there often is no way to ensure social distancing practices are used effectively.

The agency is suggesting that employers use incentive structures to encourage employees to minimize close contact with others during their commute. Straightforward options for those systems include reimbursement for parking or getting to work using single-occupancy rides. 

The CDC also recommends that, if possible, employers should be accommodating to employees who wish to shift their hours, allowing them to commute during less busy travel times.

Of course, the health agency continues to suggest practices like washing ones hands upon arriving at the office and wearing a mask in public spaces with lots of people around. The new recommendations also suggest that employers should bar the practices of handshaking, hugging, and fist bumping in the office.

If you are returning to work tomorrow…..please adhere to these suggestions…..your health is more important than some silly political statement in defiance.

Be Well….Be Safe…..Be Informed……

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2 thoughts on “Returning To Work

  1. We also have that ‘limited’ return to work tomorrow, and reopening of some school classes too.
    I fear it will end up being a ‘rush’ to get everyone back to ‘normal’, and the distancing measures will soon be scrapped for being unworkable.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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