Spend China And Russian Into Submission

Since we have bowed out of every nuke deal ever made and China and Russia have stepped up to get in the nuke game….but not to worry the US is willing to spend whatever it takes to crush their rivals in the nuclear arms race….

US arms control negotiator Marshall Billingslea, far from focusing on avoiding an arms race, saying that the US “sure would like to avoid it” but is also willing to spend Russia and China “into oblivion” to win a nuclear arms race.

“The president has made clear that we have a tried and truce practice here. We know how to win these races and we know how to spend the adversary into oblivion.” This was the go-to US strategy in the Cold War, where the US vastly outpsent the Soviet Union.

With the US scrapping the INF and Open Skies treaties, it seems unlikely to extend New START, making a costly arms race an increasing risk. Since the US vastly outspends everyone on the military, there seems to be an assumption they can win by just keeping up the spending.

Whether that is practical going forward, however, is another matter. With the US engaged in a costly battle with coronavirus, there was already talk the US would have to slash spending, particularly on arms, to deal with the deficit. A huge arms race is just not affordable.


So the US cannot find the cash for a failing infrastructure or the fight against Covid-19….but they are willing to spend whatever it takes to embarrass their rivals….is that about it?

The US has enough nukes to make humanity suffer a bunch…..so do we really need more?  According to Donald the Orange….we do.

How does the US get Russia and China to the negotiating table? Senior administration officials came up the idea of carrying out the first US nuclear test explosion since 1992, and this conversation is still ongoing.

Carrying out nuclear tests is a hugely provocative move on the global scale, and yet the Trtump Administration thought it could “prove useful” in trying to get Russia and China into trilateral nuclear talks.

This probably was also informing the administration in accusing, without evidence, both Russia and China of conducting nuclear tests in secret. Global monitoring makes secret tests all but impossible, but allegating them of having done so would be cover for the US to do it too.

Officials said the December discussion on the matter didn’t end with any agreement to conduct a test, but that it is an “ongoing conversation” that they keep going back to as a possible idea in response to threats from Russia and China.


For those too damn young to remember all the PR about nukes and the results…..let me refresh some memories…..

A professor at Georgetown University, he’s taught an undergraduate course on nuclear weapons and world politics for the past decade. He always asks the same question on the last day: How many of his students think they’ll see nuclear weapons used in their lifetime?

For many years, no more than one student would raise their hand. That made sense, he told me, because in those days, “talking about nuclear war was like talking about dinosaurs — it’s just something from the past that won’t be something in our future.”

But the past couple of years have been different. When he asked that question again this spring, roughly 60 percent of his students raised their hands. What’s more, he agrees with them. “If I had to bet at least one nuclear weapon would be used in my lifetime,” says the 40-year-old Kroenig, “my bet would be yes.”


We need sanity in our approaches to the rest ofm them world…not knee jerk reactions and a dash to the TV for the delivery of lies and disinformation.

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10 thoughts on “Spend China And Russian Into Submission

  1. I deplore the arms race but why would anyone think a nuke deal with Russia or China (or Iran or North Korea) would be meaningful ? They continue R & D and cheat and stockpile, never obey and follow terms and we are fools to think that will ever change. Then there’s the matter of the China virus. Inadvertent or not it stands as an attack on the whole world. It also served as a test to see the response capabilities, resources, and medical infrastructure of every nation to make the next bio attack even more devastating by reducing response ability first.

    1. The thing is we all continue….medical infrastructure well we did not need a nuke to show how weak it is….only a fool would find excuses for the BS. chuq

  2. No reason to presume nukes would be used… other than a terrorist use similar to that depicted in “The Peacemaker”, and not necessarily triggered in the U.S. (“I don’t fear the person who has ten bombs but rather am scared to death of the person with one”.) Our entire Cold War.. the Cuban Missile Crisis.. posed more of a threat than anything today. That Doomsday Clock always was 5 minutes before “doom” most my life.
    There are way more other things (and people) we need to fear.. as a nation and as a world.. than someone popping off a nuke at someone else in the next lifetime. No.. the next battlefield is commerce.. economies. Russia and China both have economies dependent on us and the other Western nations. At the height of the Vietnam War I often lamented to others that would listen (because I was a teen and didn’t know what I was talking about) that the way to win that war was to get outta there.. declare some level of “victory” for the media… and then when Vietnam got a new government established we go in there as friends and foreign aid the crap out of the place.. get them all dependent on U.S. It only took 50 years to figure that out now Vietnam is our friend and trading partner. Bullshit Communism means nothing anymore. So we fight using dollars.. not nukes.

      1. Very true.. of which I am one, not by choice but rather fate. As the poem goes.. “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.” The tough thing about growing old.. the older one gets the less people listen to them.

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