Progressive International

That is right….Progressives are banding together around the world for it is time for real ideas and policies to make their way to the forefront…..and solutions that we all need.

As of 11May20 there is a new organization that has been formed to push progressive policies…..issues that need attention and situations that need solutions.

A coalition of left-leaning thinkers, activists, organizations, and political leaders from around the world on Monday officially launched the Progressive International, a new global effort aimed to provide the world with an alternative to the ravages of neoliberal capitalism in a world gripped by the coronavirus pandemic, gross economic inequality, and corporate domination.

“The time has come for progressives everywhere to form a common front,” the group declared on Monday as it called on people around the world to sign on for the effort.

In an official statement announcing its formation on Monday, the Progressive International said it was now taking up that call and would act as an “institution for the world’s progressive forces, with a mission to make solidarity more than a slogan.”

Time is now…..the need is immediate……and radical renewal is much needed……

As opportunities for of radical renewal, however, moments like this are too short. Blink and it’s over, and someone else will have written the rulebook. The struggle over the social order in the world after coronavirus is already underway. In boardrooms beyond public scrutiny, those who have captured the lion’s share over the last decades are busy putting in place mechanisms to secure their privileges at the expense of everyone else. These plans will shape our lives for a generation — and lock us into an economic model that will determine the fate of our planet for centuries. We have only a narrow window in which to impact the political arena and shape the policymaking process.

Please check them out….and join the movement for a better world.

My thoughts are as an aging radical it is time for the people to stand up for themselves and this group will give them the clout to demand the change we all desire.

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8 thoughts on “Progressive International

    1. WE have few…but most are young and likely to be swayed so while I like the idea….I think it is just a fart in the wind. chuq

  1. Progressive International- sorta like “all power to the soviets” for world domination by a nationless oligarchy. The western democracies have done a great deal to further the ideals you champion, both left and right. I would support the idea but progressive today does not mean the same as the very admirable progressivism of the early 20th Century led by Bryan, Wilson, Roosevelt, LaFollette…

    1. It does mean the same…just that spineless Dems and clueless Repubs have crapped on the ideal’s….and NO all power to the soviets is wrong….I would rather have that that what we have now…..people like Bezo awaiting to be a trillionaire. chuq

      1. Unions could make the difference but it will be a silent call……the workers will fall for crumbs every time chuq

  2. Am from India. Present political condition truely demands for a revolution to break the 19th century ideological systems and electoral politics. The present youth will surely embrace this progressive force.

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