Covid-19 And Hurricanes

Every year on the first of June I post on the upcoming hurricane season….it is important to me for I live in Hurricane Alley….I use to say when sites asked my location…”Just north of a hurricane”….

This season could be a bit different from all others in my life…..the devastation of a hurricane combined with the lethality of the Covid-19 virus…….does not bode well for the Gulf Coast….

I was pleased to see that someone has tackled this dilemma that is approaching… least giving it a bit of lip service…..

Pete Gaynor, who runs the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is drafting a document whose title sounds like the stuff of horror movies: “COVID-19 Pandemic Operational Guidance for the 2020 Hurricane Season.”

Driving the news: “We’re doing a lot of things that are not necessarily in any playbook that has existed,” Gaynor told me in an interview on Saturday. “In some cases, we write the playbook as we go.”

Behind the scenes: In preparing for the June 1 start of the Atlantic hurricane season, Gaynor must consider challenges beyond what predecessors have faced:

  • How do you evacuate people from hurricane zones while maintaining 6 feet of social distancing?
  • How much extra shelter space will be needed to house people who can no longer safely crowd into schools, auditoriums and community centers?
  • How do you protect the most vulnerable people such as the elderly and those with underlying conditions?
  • Resources already are strained — and so are tensions between many governors and the Trump administration.

The big picture: It’s the first time ever that every U.S. state and territory has simultaneously declared a major disaster.

  • “This pandemic, it is historic, it is unprecedented in many ways for FEMA,” Gaynor said.

Not a pretty picture being painted here.

I will post my traditional post on the coming hurricane season on 01 June….look for it….

On yet another weather related front….people need to think about the devastation of Katrina and the chaos of Covid-19 and it makes for a horrific scenario that will be worse than a nightmare.

In the next 50 years the outlook is not so rosy…..

According to a new climate model, a fifth of the entire Earth could be as hot as the Sahara Desert by the year 2070.

That would force about three billion people to either flee their homes or try survive in hellish temperatures, Earther reports. It’s a particularly dire outlook for humanity — especially because it would render farmland incapable of growing the staple crops on which we rely.

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3 thoughts on “Covid-19 And Hurricanes

  1. 2070? I will be 118 years old. I might appreciate the warmth at that age. 🙂
    Good luck with those hurricanes, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Really useful ! Very detailed post and explanation was great. I had a great learning. Thanks for such a really useful resource. Keep it dear! keep sharing such amazing things.

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