Closing Thought–05May20

Nope not some Babylonian god…..or some distant planet set for exploitation…..none of that… is the new drug that is being pushed as the savior from Covid-19.

You remember the last “miracle drug” right?

You remember….it as hydro…..something or another… not hurt yourself here are the two post I did on that “miracle drug”……

Then my follow up……

(Hint…if you actually read the referenced post then go to Part 2 it has the original in it)

Well since that “miracle drug” promoted by Donald the Orangem has proven to be deadly in some cases….we should move on to yet another “miracle ” cure…….Remdesivir.

But is it a “cure” or just propaganda like everything else coming fromm the Trumpian White House?

The newly released preliminary results by the National Institutes of Health present the drug remdesivir as, according to US President Donald Trump, “a big building block” toward a cure for the coronavirus pandemic.

It has at the same time been breathlessly proclaimed by the mainstream media to be “good news about [a] coronavirus drug” (CNN) which shows “clear promise” (MSNBC). Alongside are reports that it “sped coronavirus recovery time” (Fox) according to “positive data” (New York Times) from the trial.

Under normal conditions, the results reported by the National Institutes of Health would be noted with interest by researchers as part of an ongoing and protracted effort to find an effective response to a new and complicated viral phenomenon.

But the media’s adulation of this “breakthrough” takes place in the midst of an increasingly frenzied effort to legitimize a back-to-work campaign, and to create the impression that the virus is “under control” and the crisis is all but over.

Is the public being conned yet again?

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

12 thoughts on “Remdesivir

      1. They say it is the nicotine….I have some leftover patches I may wear if it proves to be true. chuq

  1. They are giving out nicotine patches to non-smoking nurses in France. If it’s true, my 43 years of smoking might help me survive! The downside is that if smokers do get the full virus symptoms, their damaged lungs are more likely to fail.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Get it through your heads that nothing is more important than the 2020 election. The Pandemic is of second importance to these people.

      1. The Nation isn’t smart enough to find their asses in a mirror — what are you talking about? Besides the only way they are ever going to find anything out is through neighborly back fence discussions because the media is useless as teats on a tree.

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