Biden And Health Care

We have a full blown pandemic raging across this country…….and yet all the info we get about the 2020 election is dribbles that amount to nothing.

Let me help with what I see from Biden.

Looks like Biden will be the nominee…..and I have been showing my readers why I do not support him……but that aside in this time of national emergency I would like to give my thoughts and such on the presumptive nominee and his health stands.

Let me say here….that I do not want you to think as I do because I tell you so…….I am just pointing to the flaws in his nature that I feel will not do anything to make American’s lives any better than they are now. (2020)

What about Biden and health care…..we hear a lot about what is wrong with Bernie and his policies but Biden gets a free ride because he is anointed to run and beat Trump……well that is crap in my mind.

So let us look at Biden’s health care possibilities…..

Whatever the significance of Joe Biden’s victory in last week’s Super Tuesday primary, it’s not good news for the 28 million Americans who have no health insurance — at least according to Wall Street.

We know this because health insurance stocks surged the day after Tuesday’s vote, for a simple reason: Biden suits the interests of for-profit health insurers better than Bernie Sanders, and what’s good for private insurers has historically proved not good for the uninsured.

The Vermont senator, Biden’s principal competitor last week, supports a healthcare-finance system that would cover everyone, principally by marginalizing private insurers. By contrast, Biden calls merely for expanding and improving the 10-year-old Affordable Care Act (or ACA, aka Obamacare), a marketplace made up of private insurers. Now that Sanders has been demoted from frontrunner, the threat to insurer earnings is a lot less ominous than it might have seemed two weeks ago.

Biden would expand coverage with the so-called public option, allowing anyone to buy insurance from a government provider. That would have “very little effect, if any, on the private insurer’s role,” says James Kahn, emeritus professor of health policy at the University of California, San Francisco. “So they’re happy to see what looks like Biden headed toward the nomination.”

Is Joe Biden Hazardous to Your Health?

As an old fart and retired I am always looking to see just where the candidates are on health care…..especially of us elderly……and Biden gives me NO confidence that I will continue to be cared for…..

oe Biden has surged since the South Carolina primary, and the received wisdom is that this was mainly because of the perception by his voters that he was the most electable candidate against President Donald Trump. But there are some potential pitfalls that have not yet surfaced, and some of them concern voters who are currently among Biden’s strongest base of support: Americans over 65 years old.

Biden has proposed a plan for health care reform that has quite literally left senior citizens out in the cold.

This could become increasingly, and vitally, important as the threat of coronavirus increases exponentially. Older Americans are at a vastly higher risk than the general population; people over 65 have accounted for the vast majority of deaths in other countries.

Biden’s Health Care Plan Abandons Older Americans

Yes before the attacks begin….I support Medicare For All…..but that does not make me a supporter of Bernie… this time…..

I will search for the right candidate for me… see I still vote on principles and refuse to hold my nose and vote.

Plus I know that if for some reason Biden losses his race against Trump it will be my fault for not voting for a candidate that I do not support… Hillary’s loss was my fault not that she was a terrible candidate…..I shall bear with it….for I have been blamed before for a Dems loss……

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18 thoughts on “Biden And Health Care

  1. I’m not trying to be a pill but you make me doubt your common sense. You are wasting a trip to the polls to vote on your principles and you can enjoy four more years of Trump at leisure If enough take your lead to do the same. Good principles tell us to get rid of Trump. A lame vote will only assure him 4 more years to completely tear the country down. Of course right now it looks like the pandemic is having its way with him when no one else can.

    1. Voting holding your nose is a wasted vote…if you have NO principles you are part of the problem. My common sense is just fine thanx for caring chuq

      1. It is seldom my desire to force people to believe as I….I just tell why I cannot support him or whoever…..please keep commenting keeps me on my toes….chuq

    2. You are so worried about beating Donald the Orange few tell me just what Biden will bring to the country other a new face…..chuq

  2. Dems are deliberately trying to repeat 2016 with their corporate “chosen one” candidate who inspires either outright hatred (Hillary) or apathy (Biden)

    1. I agree….but centrist want Biden….now think about the last few elections centrists were beaten soundly…….Gore….Kerry…..hillary….Obama was a centrist that ran as a progressive….but that all changed once he took office. chuq

      1. Dems cannot win by trying to be less RENJ than the republiKKKan candidate. People want a CHOICE

  3. Trump is still trying hard to hide the severity of this pandemic. They’ve commanded US military to stop reporting their virus situation. I read somewhere that this was prompted because there’s a hot spot onboard an aircraft carrier and its commander went public with his cry for help.

    I’m sure they will do this under the guise of not wanting to give military readiness info to the “enemy”. As I pointed out to some MAGA dope on Twitter, they’ve already been boarded by the enemy, COVID-19.

    1. That is always the excuse for hiding facts…..give the enemy support….bloggers are the avenue to getting the news out there. chuq

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