Why Toilet Paper?

Closing Thought–Mar20

There have been lots of interesting stories surrounding this virus outbreak….like ISIS telling its people to not travel for now…..and attempts at authoritarian rule……to include the empty shelves in most stores these days.

3 of the main products that are missing from stores and hand sanitizer (understandable) and paper towels (sort of understandable) and toilet paper (working on that)……none of the main symptoms of this virus has anything that massive amounts of TP will be needed……then why are we hording TP?

There’s nothing quite like the behavior of panicky humans—especially when it comes to hoarding. Let a blizzard approach or a hurricane churn toward shore, and we descend on stores, buying up more batteries, bottled water and canned foods than we could use in a lifetime. We’re seeing the same thing again as America hunkers down against the novel coronavirus, and of all of the products that are being snatched up the fastest, there’s one that’s in special demand: toilet paper.

The Washington Post reports a run on the rolls, with both Costco and the Giant supermarket chain stripped all but clean. Even Amazon’s physical stores “appeared to be down to single rolls of novelty toilet paper in some places Friday,” the Post said. The New York Times similarly reports from a Whole Foods supermarket in Somerville, Mass., where shoppers had to be limited to two packages of toilet paper each, lest they strip the store bare.


Like I said in the beginning…..this one is a bit a head scratcher….

A thought from Australia……

We’ve had to deal with drought, bushfires and a killer virus.

And now we’re having to cope with a toilet paper famine entirely of our own making.

Yep, the hoarders are getting the last laugh because while their panic buying has meant they can merrily wipe their way through the winter and beyond, the rest of us are having to find alternatives.

The trouble is, our toilet paper shortage is not real. It’s an artificial famine caused by the selfish who think their bum is the only one that matters. Toilet paper is made in Australia and if we all buy responsibly there’s enough to go round. Or, rather, down.


But why is TP a hot item?  Really, why?

It’s a scene that’s become familiar around the world from the United States to France to Australia: Rows of empty supermarket shelves where toilet paper used to be, the result of coronavirus-induced panic buying.

What exactly is it about the rolls of tissue that has caused mayhem across cultures, including, at times, violent clashes that have reverberated on social media?

At its most basic, say experts, the answer lies in game theory: If everyone buys only what they need, there will be no shortages. If some people start panic buying, the optimal strategy will be for you to follow suit, to make certain you have enough squares to spare.


I realize these days we are focused on our butts….we have products that keep you from smelling up the bath with a BM…..

Any Thoughts?

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18 thoughts on “Why Toilet Paper?

  1. As I expressed to my better half about the toilet paper crisis just the other day.. this is purely motivated by women (along with the empty feminine hygiene products). Women “need” toilet paper. Men do not think that far ahead regarding that. Men will be sitting on the throne, doing their duty… and then, and only then, think of toilet paper. Prove me wrong.

  2. I have still been buying only what we need, week to week. The toilet paper panic started here after it was revealed that European toilet paper uses central cardboard inners made in China. That started the rush in the UK before the virus even left Wuhan.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Well, you know the panic when the last bit of toilet paper rolls off and you need more and there is more–under the bathroom sink?…Now imagine that feeling if there were no more under the sink or in the pantry and the supermarkets are closed down…Yikes! Every bum for itself!

  4. We have enough toilet paper in China and I can not understand why you snapped up toilet paper? Face mask and food is more important.

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