2020 Latest Abbreviated Primary

In these days of virus panic and we are still exercising our right to vote (while we still have it)…..3 more 2020 primaries were settled yesterday.

The MSM can be proud of their efforts to make the corporate stooge Biden the nominee…..Florida, Illinois and Arizona…..

Polls have closed in the three states that went ahead with their primaries Tuesday, and the result is another dominating night for Joe Biden. The former VP cemented his lead over Bernie Sanders in the delegate race by sweeping all three contests—Florida, Illinois, and Arizona, as called by the AP. Despite Ohio’s decision to postpone its own primary Tuesday, the night still has a large number of delegates at stake, 441, and margins of victory will be important. In incomplete results, Biden led 61% to 22% in Florida, 59% to 36% in Illinois, and 42% to 29% in Arizona. Tulsi Gabbard was registering at less than 1% in all three states. Florida was the biggest prize of the night, with 219 delegates up for grabs.

Generally speaking, missing poll workers, reshuffled voting locations, and a lack of disinfectant supplies made for a “chaotic” day of voting, notes the Washington Post. On Tuesday night, both candidates addressed the COVID-19 crisis. “You know, it’s in moments like these we realize we need to put politics aside and work together as Americans,” Biden said. “The coronavirus doesn’t care if you’re a Democrat or Republican.” Sanders, for his part, said “this is an unprecedented moment that will require an unprecedented amount of money,” via livestream from DC, per CNN. He estimated it would take “$2 trillion to prevent deaths, job losses and to avoid an economic catastrophe.”

The countdown to the convention has started and Biden is looking like the nominee….

Looks like another “hold your nose and vote” election.

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