Those Southern Democrats

In the last round of primaries my state of Mississippi voted for Biden (go figure)….but that was going to be a “gimme” for Biden.

The turnout in Mississippi was up 17% from last election and that was a surprise for me.

Southern Democratic voters are more conserv than most GOPers….why is this?

the website….fivethirtyeight takes a look at these voters….

From 1964 to 2008, three Democratic presidential candidates made it to the White House. All of them were southerners. Yet for the last half-century, the GOP’s Southern strategy eroded the Democratic Party’s stronghold on the South. States on the edges of the South — Virginia, Florida and North Carolina — have turned purple or a light shade of blue, but the heart of the South unquestionably remains Republican territory in presidential elections.

Nonetheless, Democratic voters in the South still exert significant influence on the party during the primary season. The states of the former Confederacy1 will elect a little over one quarter of Democrats’ pledged delegates in 2020 — six of them on Super Tuesday (Alabama, Arkansas, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia). And so as the 2020 Democratic primary contests move to the South, I figured it was worth a dive into what happened there in the 2016 Democratic primary, based on a 2016 survey of 3,668 Americans by the Diane D. Blair Center of Southern Politics, of which I am the director.2 It illustrates the ways in which Democrats in the South are different from Democrats outside of the region — differences that may again come into play in 2020.

What Makes Southern Democrats Unique

The problem I see, especially in Mississippi is the voter has a tendency to vote against their own best interests.

Take Rep. Gene Taylor who was a staunch conserv Blue Dog Dem and voted with the feelings of his people only to lose his seat in 2010 and his only crime was he was a Dem and was linked to “demon” Pelosi….his voting record meant NOTHING to low information voters.

Now my state has a toadie sycophant that will be lead around by his genitals by the president and business.

So Biden’s win in the primary was not a surprise for the Mississippi voter will fall for every one liner and slogan that comes down the pike.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

8 thoughts on “Those Southern Democrats

  1. Your bias is showing. Will you write anything that comes to mind regardless of fact to get a “revolution “ led by Sanders? Apparently you don’t want to put Trump out of office.

    1. I am biased to any candidate that thinks the status quo should remain……Trump will put himself out of office if he keeps up…..but Dem centrists have a proven losing record. chuq

      1. We don’t want a revolution. Establishing his desire for that was unwise. we want intelligent leadership. We’ve had enough of a re revolution over the past 4 years . in the end I hope he will concede he can’t win and throw in the towel so we can move on.

      2. According to most polls we do want a change… use the term revolution is just a fear tactic…..I agree that Trump needs to go…..I just hope we do the right thing. chuq

      3. Then Sandra is using fear tactics. He’s the presidential candidate who said we need a revolution and has used that term many times. A total turn off for most Americans other than the very young who think he can deliver his empty promises. He has generally been unsuccessful with passing bills other than those for veterans ( who couldn’t) because of his radical left leaning.

      4. If you mean Sanders then I agree….I am not arguing that he will be a better president….all I am saying is that we have gotten very little from all the centrists in the past….will it be different this time around….no, The only change we will get is the person sitting on the throne. chuq

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