What The Burning Hell Has Happened To National Security?

It is so very sad what is happening to this nation’s national security…..and the sad state of our NatSec can be blamed on the president…..

Bill Taylor, the US’s chief envoy in Ukraine, revealed on Wednesday that a member of his staff overheard a conversation in Ukraine between President Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland, the US’s ambassador to the EU.

According to Taylor, the conversation happened at a restaurant in Kyiv and the volume was apparently loud enough that they were overheard.

Sondland was almost certainly spied on while talking to the president in that restaurant, Politico reported. But this incident is just one out of many in which Trump or the people around him have compromised US national security.


Then Newsweek takes a shot at Trump and his failure with our NatSec……

“The President is a threat to our national security, the integrity of our elections, and the rule of law. Every day he remains in office is an unacceptable risk,” Richard Primus wrote on Twitter on Tuesday night. Primus is a law professor at the University of Michigan.

“I’m a big reasonable-disagreement guy. But sometimes there’s a right side and wrong side. Now is one of those times,” he added.


I know that rabid Trump supporters will take exception to these points……but think about it….blind faith has destroyed a many empire…..

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4 thoughts on “What The Burning Hell Has Happened To National Security?

  1. A President’s haters can always find an excuse to say that he is a threat to national security — and they definitely do not let any grass grow under their feet in trying to find it, are they? I remember when Obama, Clinton, Nixon and even Roosevelt were called “Threats to the nation.” But we tend to get through it all, don’t we?

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