Panic Takes Hold!

I know I stated that I would not write any more on this topic unless it was something major…..this is something major…..PANIC!

After all the articles, news shows and blog posts on the coming apocalypse, the Virus, panic buying has started……and my friend at The Limin Report has written about this as well…..

I have told readers to be prepared but panic buying is not preparation……I have told my readers as well to use common sense and rationality….those qualities seem to be in short supply……sad thing is the with common sense it is seldom all that common.

Does anyone know why normally rational people are panic buying?

The worldwide spread of the novel coronavirus is leading to some curious side effects: Store shelves are being stripped bare from Singapore to Seattle. Supermarkets in the U.K. have started rationing items. In Hong Kong a delivery man was reportedly robbed at knife-point of hundreds of toilet-paper rolls. Australia has seen brawls break out at supermarkets prompting police to taser one man. And France effectively nationalized all production of face masks after people began depleting the supply.

Panic buying has emerged as reliable a feature of the coronavirus epidemic as a fever or dry cough.

Psychologists view control as a fundamental human need. With a disease that’s highly infectious and can turn deadly, this epidemic violates a sense of control in fundamental ways. Unless policy makers can find a way to restore that feeling, the cycle of panic buying, hoarding and scarcity only stands to escalate.

Take a deep breath…..calm down….take the advice of the CDC…..use common sense (if that is in your wheelhouse)……avoid crowds….wash hands….be prepared.

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6 thoughts on “Panic Takes Hold!

  1. Thanks for the link. It is sincerely appreciated. Yes, there is a lot of panic buying going on now. I am still looking for hand sanitizer. It will all work out alright someday. Thanks again for the link.

  2. Yes, and panic won’t help one bit.
    I noticed on another forum that foreigners don’t the pragnetic approach of many Dutch.
    That there is hardly governmental action.
    Because they don’t see it, notice it, they conclude that nothing is done in connection with the corana-virus

    Leiden University.
    Sara Polak, Assistant Professor in American Studies, is putting the finishing touches to her book Embodying Contagion, an interdisciplinary volume about the depiction of contagious diseases in the 20th and 21st century.
    Eleven authors explain how the spread of viruses such as HIV (AIDS), Ebola and Zika is depicted in literature, the media and film.

    Polak has also discovered recurring patterns.

    Soon after the outbreak of a virus, a story will appear about the virus’s outbreak and reports will circulate, mainly on social media, about ‘patient zero’, the first patient to contract the virus.
    It is usually suggested that this first patient deliberately infected others.

    Polak’s own article shows how Donald Trump (before he was president), and indirectly the American Centers for Disease Control, stoked fears of Ebola virus on Twitter and elsewhere. A supposedly funny public information campaign with zombies only served to further stigmatise the disease.

    Polak is following the news about coronavirus. She concludes that reporting in the American media is much more sensational than reporting in the Dutch media.

    ‘Prompted by the stronger culture of sensation and commercialisation, the media in the United States sows fear. Fantasies about coronavirus are more contagious than the disease itself.’

    Most of the Dutch media outlets are trying to de-escalate the situation by pointing to the plans that are ready and waiting for if the virus does rear its head. Hopefully, they will continue to do so.’

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