2020 Another One Bites The Dust #16 & #17

The first four voting competitions are in the bag with South Carolina being the last and it would be the last chance for Tom Steyer…

His poor showing told this candidate that it was time to save his cash and leave the trail…..

Third place wasn’t good enough: Billionaire Tom Steyer ended his 2020 campaign Saturday night after the results in the South Carolina primary became clear. As the Hill notes, Steyer invested large in South Carolina, but he finished well behind winner Joe Biden and couldn’t take second place from Bernie Sanders. With more than 60% of returns in, Steyer had 11.5% of the vote, behind Biden (49.7%) and Sanders (19.3%). Steyer has never held elective office and campaigned instead on his business experience, notes the Washington Post. He spent an estimated $150 million of his fortune on the race, most heavily in South Carolina and Nevada, where he finished fifth.

Steyer will not be alone….Mayor Pete is also quitting while the quitting is good…..he has about as much support in the black community as I have among Righties…..time for him to go…..he will sit back and try to make the case for a position in the next presidency……as usual it is about him not the country or the party…..a typical centrist move.

Democrat Pete Buttigieg is ending his campaign for president. Three people with knowledge of Buttigieg’s decision tell the AP he is informing campaign staff. They were not authorized to speak publicly and requested anonymity. His campaign says Buttigieg will speak Sunday night in South Bend, Indiana. Buttigieg rose to the field’s top tier but failed to notch enough wins in the critical early states necessary to keep his bid moving forward.

The millennial, Afghan War veteran, and former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, defied expectations in a field of better-known candidates for months while becoming the first openly gay top contender for a major party nomination. “Mayor Pete” burst onto the scene with a blitz of national media a year ago and impressive fundraising. He leaned hard into a next-generation message of urgency on pressing issues while preaching a message of hope and inclusion.

The Dem field gets smaller and smaller…..some are hanging on by their finger tips and next Tuesday’s Super vote should help show some of the other candidates the exit sign.

My candidate is still in there but I fear her days are numbered….I will continue to support her until the day she decides to exit and then I will look for a new place to put my support.

Until that day I shall let Queen show Mr. Steyer the exit……

Who’s next?

More to come.

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