Professor’s Classroom

American corruption at its best…..enjoy and thanx for your time….chuq

In Saner Thought

It is another Monday and another quiz. I may re-evaluate this feature after the first of the year. Since it is not too damn popular, I may discontinue it. I was hoping that it would help educate the people on history, politics and such, but so far it has not lived up to my expectations. The first meeting of the Inkwell 4 in january will determine its fate.

Enough whining and I shall move on to the question.

In politics, who were the “Half-Breeds”?

Not especially difficult, but will require a little thought. Good luck and good hunting.

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3 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

  1. I remember reading about this. Split factions in the Republican Party, after the Civil War. There were ‘Mugwumps’ too, as I recall. 🙂
    (Great name!)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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