Historic Impeachment Begins!

Just a quick look at the process……(please comment on the process not the popularity of the accused)…..

Just a short reminder of what a fair and impartial process will look like…..

Article I of the Constitution grants the House the sole power of impeachment, and if the House does impeach, the Senate the “sole power to try all impeachments.” It also provides that the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court will preside if the trial involves a president. The Constitution authorizes the Senate to “determine the rules of its proceedings,” including additional rules governing an impeachment trial by the Senate. The Senate has established and may modify its own rules supplementing these constitutional requirements.

Four principles for conducting a full, transparent, and fair impeachment trial:

  • Trial procedures should be established before the trial commences. A trial can only be fair if the rules are agreed to in advance. For that reason, any supplemental rules or modifications to the existing rules should be agreed to before the trial commences.
  • The Senate should hear the full case before voting on the President’s removal. The Senate must allow members of the House to present the case for the President’s removal and the President should be afforded an opportunity to respond. Both should occur before a vote to dispose of or approve an article of impeachment.
  • The trial should be open to the public. An impeachment trial of a president is a matter of exceptional importance to the American people. They should be able to understand the case for the President’s removal and the President’s defense. The doors to the Senate chamber should be open and the American people permitted to witness the proceedings to the extent possible. Transparency should only be sacrificed to advance compelling interests such as the sanctity of Senate deliberations, the need to protect legitimately classified information, or the recognition of a whistleblower’s right to anonymity.
  • Each Senator should take seriously his or her oath to “do impartial justice” and to “support and defend the Constitution.” The question is not whether to support the President. The question is whether the President has committed treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors within the meaning of the Constitution.

How a Fair, Transparent Impeachment Trial Should Proceed

If you truly want a fair and transparent trial then the recusal of any and all Senators from the juror pool for statements made that their mind is made up before the trial and anyone that has stated that they are in contact with the accused for coordination.  That would be Sens. Graham, Kennedy, McConnell et al….these Senators violated Nos. 2 & 4……

Like anyone really cares about the process…..it is much easier to rant and moan about how it appears not the legality.

This process will be a circus and the Senate will be the clowns for our entertainment.

I Read, I Wrote, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Historic Impeachment Begins!

  1. When I think of “a fair trial” the concept that comes to mind is that the fairness is a safety for the accused or defendant so when Chuck and Nancy and Adam and Gerry opine about a fair trial it seems a bit absurd. The fairness is that the process protects the accused from an over zealous state and from prosecutors more interested in conviction rates than fairness. Seems the two articles of impeachment are mere opinions and not identified actual crimes. Obstruction of congress can be anything a president does to defend himself. Seems democrats think obstruction is anything that prevents them from getting their way and demands. Abuse of power ? That is another matter of opinion and the democrats again have not listed the particulars of an alleged crime or statute violation. Every single president since John Adams has been accused of abuse of power by his political enemies, members of the other party, the pundits in the media and members of the general public. Neither are impeachable offenses unless the violation of particular laws is established but even if the president “did it” (referring to accusations) is is also a matter of opinion if it reaches the level of corruption and evil that the Founders had in mind. This whole process has been a matter of persecution and revenge and spite not prosecution in the name of justice.

    1. Evidence has been given….it is up to the person to see if there is an offense or not……all the op-eds are the same from 1990 when the name of the president is changed…..nothing new. chuq

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