Impeachment Trial–Day 4

I try to avoid the “news of the day” on weekends but sometimes there are reports that need exposure and this is one of this situations.

Sorry guys put I try to be brief yet informative and this subject prohibits me from brevity.

A long read but packed with information, please take the time to educate yourself…..some may say that it is TMI….but this situations calls for TMI.

The House has wrapped up their portion of the case… is time for the rambling babbling defense team to stand up and make the case that Trump has committed no crime against the country.

Not to worry for any Trumpites that remain here….matters not the evidence….the GOP Senators for the most part are not unbiased and open to the facts.

Why do I say this?

Former President Trump’s second impeachment trial appears destined to end the same way his first did: with an acquittal. House managers rested their case Thursday, day No. 3 of trial No. 2, and the New York Times reports most Republican senators appeared to remain unconvinced. The paper deems it unlikely that the required two-thirds of the Senate will vote to convict. Only a few GOP senators are seen as likely to vote against Trump (Vox has the six to watch here; the Hill has its own look at them here), and even Democratic senators were starting to signal it was time to wrap things up. Both parties appear to support a plan that would quickly end it, with Trump’s lawyers planning a three- to four-hour presentation Friday with Q&A following, and a final vote then coming as early as Saturday.

Technically, as CNN reports, his defense team has 16 hours over two days to present its case, after which senators are allowed to ask questions of both teams. Then the teams debate over whether to subpoena witnesses and documents, after which a vote is taken on that matter, but the House managers don’t appear likely to ask for that. Four hours of closing arguments are allowed before senators deliberate and then vote. Republican senators are largely explaining their votes to acquit via their reasoning that the trial itself is unconstitutional; in the Washington Post, Georgetown law professor and former DC prosecutor Paul Butler explains why even senators who voted against holding the trial on those grounds should still vote to convict or acquit based on the merits of the case itself. Trump, who is confident he will be acquitted, was seen golfing in Florida Thursday

This is just typical these days….if the party tells you what to do then by God you had better do it.

Another example where party politics outweighs the Constitution…..

First here is the brief filed by lawyers for former President Donald Trump filed a 78-page brief

Onto the Trump defense….

Defense lawyers for former President Trump wrapped up their arguments in his impeachment trial Friday, making the case that Trump cannot be held responsible for the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol. Senators then had a question-and-answer session with lawyers from both sides, and they are now on track to vote on Saturday. Highlights from the Trump team’s defense:

  • Attorney Michael van der Veen dismissed the trial as a “blatantly unconstitutional act of political vengeance,” per the Washington Post. He also used the phrases “appalling abuse of the Constitution” and “constitutional cancel culture,” per the AP.
  • Trump didn’t incite the rioters, he insisted. Yes, the former president urged supporters to “fight like hell,” but that was metaphorical, said van der Deen, per the Hill. “Countless politicians have spoken of fighting for our principles,” he added. “Joe Biden’s slogan was ‘battle for the soul’ of America. No one believes that the use of this political terminology was incitement of political violence.”
  • He also played video clips of Democrats urging on protesters during the civil unrest over the summer. For example, Democratic Rep. Ayanna Presley was shown saying, “There needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there is unrest in our lives.” Said van der Deen: “Democratic politicians endorsed and encouraged the riots that destroyed vast swaths of American cities last summer.”
  • Trump’s team also showed clips of Democratic lawmakers using the word “fight” repeatedly, though without context, per the AP. “You didn’t do anything wrong” in using the word, Trump attorney David Schoen told the senators. “But, please, stop the hypocrisy.” A separate AP story notes that Democrats mostly chuckled and whispered to themselves at the video attempting to equate what they said to Trump’s statements. “Donald Trump was warned, if you don’t stop talking about a stolen election, people will be killed,” said Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine during a break. “He was specifically warned that. He kept talking about it, and a violent mob attacked the Capitol and seven people are dead who would be alive today, had he just followed their advice. That’s what I thought about those videos.”
  • Attorney Bruce Castor says what happened at the Capitol was not an insurrection. “Insurrection is a term of art defined in the law,” he said. “It involves taking over a country, a shadow government, taking the TV stations over and having some playing what you’re going to do when you finally take power. Clearly, this is not that.” The impeachment charge alleges “incitement of insurrection.”
  • Castor’s closing pitch: “All of these facts make clear the January 6th speech did not cause the riots. The president did not cause the riots. He neither explicitly or implicitly encouraged the use of violence or lawless action.” Instead, Castor he noted that Trump told supporters to “peacefully and patriotically” march to the Capitol.

Trump’s lawyers admonished the Dems for taking videos out of context then they set about doing the same thing.

My worry is that the Dems left out all the GOPers that have been enabling Trump for years…..why do they get a free ride?

Okay let’s look at the points of the case….the main point is that Trump is no longer president and therefore the trial is unconstitutional…..but wait!  There is a precedent….

The year is 1876 and the former Secretary of War Belknap was tried in the Senate after he had left office….a little background will be helpful right?

An impeachment trial for a secretary of war occupied much of the Senate’s time during May 1876.

At issue was the behavior of William Belknap, war secretary in the administration of President Ulysses Grant. A former Iowa state legislator and Civil War general, Belknap had held his cabinet post for nearly eight years. In the rollicking era that Mark Twain dubbed the Gilded Age, Belknap was famous for his extravagant Washington parties and his elegantly attired first and second wives. Many questioned how he managed such a grand lifestyle on his $8,000 government salary.

By early 1876, answers began to surface. A House of Representatives committee uncovered evidence supporting a pattern of corruption blatant even by the standards of the scandal-tarnished Grant administration.

The trail of evidence extended back to 1870. In that year, Belknap’s luxury-loving first wife assisted a wheeler-dealer named Caleb Marsh by getting her husband to select one of Marsh’s associates to operate the lucrative military trading post at Fort Sill in Indian territory. Marsh’s promise of generous kickbacks prompted Secretary Belknap to make the appointment. Over the next five years, the associate funneled thousands of dollars to Marsh, who provided Belknap regular quarterly payments totaling over $20,000.

On March 2, 1876, just minutes before the House of Representatives was scheduled to vote on articles of impeachment, Belknap raced to the White House, handed Grant his resignation, and burst into tears.

This failed to stop the House. Later that day, members voted unanimously to send the Senate five articles of impeachment, charging Belknap with “criminally disregarding his duty as Secretary of War and basely prostituting his high office to his lust for private gain.”

The Senate convened its trial in early April, with Belknap present, after agreeing that it retained impeachment jurisdiction over former government officials. During May, the Senate heard more than 40 witnesses, as House managers argued that Belknap should not be allowed to escape from justice simply by resigning his office.

On August 1, 1876, the Senate rendered a majority vote against Belknap on all five articles. As each vote fell short of the necessary two-thirds, however, he won acquittal. Belknap was not prosecuted further; he died in 1890.

But if that is not enough then here is more info for those that pretend this is unconstitutional….

So yes he, Trump, can be tried.

Next the incitement thing….or as they want us to believe the First Amendment thing…..Free speech to be exact…..

Freedom of speech does not mean the freedom to have “all” speech.
The concept behind the freedom of speech is that you should be able to express anything in a way that does not create legal consequences for you. Even if your opinion is unsavory, rude, or unpopular, this right gives you the option to express it. In the United States, there are four forms of speech which are not protected under the First Amendment.

Freedom of speech can incite violence against other people.
People must be held responsible for the personal choices that they make. When someone commits an act of violence against another because they were incited by hate speech to do so, then they made the choice to break the law. The person who created the outcome through the encouragement of their language holds some responsibility here as well. If online radicalization causes people to join ISIS, then shouldn’t political radicalization that causes individuals to attack journalists be treated in the same way?

Freedom of speech can incite violence against other people.
People must be held responsible for the personal choices that they make. When someone commits an act of violence against another because they were incited by hate speech to do so, then they made the choice to break the law. The person who created the outcome through the encouragement of their language holds some responsibility here as well. If online radicalization causes people to join ISIS, then shouldn’t political radicalization that causes individuals to attack journalists be treated in the same way?

Freedom of speech creates a paradox.
When we look at the modern idea that creates the foundation for freedom of speech, it really isn’t free. The government is still dictating some of the things that we can or cannot say. This freedom, and this writer, cannot exist if people are not allowed to make assertions that are distasteful to the majority, even if the statements are hurtful to other people.

Does any of that look familiar?

We now await the vote.

Any takers om whether he is acquitted?

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The Spineless GOP

First have you noticed that the GOPers that are most in Trump’s circle came in with the Tea Party in 2010?

Just a thought!

One last post on day 2 of the Trump impeachment trial……

The Dems offered up some very compelling and scary videos of the breaching of the Capitol…any true American watching them should be terrified the Trump brought us to this point in our history…..but not the d/bags in the Senate….most not all….they see nothing that makes them take notice…

After a second day of searing evidence in former President Trump’s second impeachment trial—including previously unseen video footage showing how narrowly some lawmakers escaped the mob—most Republican lawmakers still seemed unwilling to vote to convict. GOP senators including Ted Cruz said that while the scenes of violence were horrific, it hadn’t changed their minds on whether Trump is guilty of inciting the insurrection. To convict the former president, at least 17 Republicans will have to vote with the chamber’s 50 Democrats. “I think you get at best six Republicans—probably five and maybe six,” Sen. Tim Scott told CNN. More:

  • “The result of this trial is preordained.” Cruz said the trial’s result is “preordained” and Trump will be acquitted, the Washington Post reports. “I’ve said many times that the president’s rhetoric is at times overheated. But this is not a referendum on whether you agree with everything the president says or tweets,” Cruz said Wednesday. “This is instead a legal proceeding, assessing whether the president has committed high crimes or misdemeanors.”
  • “Painful to see.” GOP Sen. James Lankford, one of numerous senators who became emotional while watching the footage, said video of a Capitol police officer being crushed in a set of doors was “painful to see,” the New York Times reports. “Who in God’s name thinks, ‘I am going to show that I am right by smashing into the Capitol?'” he said. Senators said, however, that they would not let emotion influence their decisions.
  • “There’s no question it’s well done.” Like many of his colleagues, Sen. Kevin Cramer praised the House impeachment managers’ presentation as “well done” but said he would not change his vote. “Senators are, you know, pretty analytical, as a matter of just a profession,” the Republican said, per the Post. “So it doesn’t affect me in terms of how I feel about the president’s culpability. That’s what’s on trial.”
  • No pressure from McConnell. Republican senators say there has been no pressure from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to acquit Trump, the Hill reports. Sen. Rob Portman says McConnell has said, “I think this is a vote of conscience.” McConnell, one of 44 GOP senators who voted against proceeding with the trial on Tuesday, has said he is still undecided.
  • A chaotic ending. Politico reports that there was a confusing ending to proceedings Wednesday when GOP Sen. Mike Lee objected to impeachment managers citing a news report about him receiving a call from Trump on Jan. 6 that was intended for Sen. Tommy Tuberville. After an argument over Senate rules, lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin agreed to withdraw the evidence. “This is much ado about nothing because it’s not critical in any way to our case,” he said.
  • What’s next. Democrats plan to wrap up their case after the Senate reconvenes at noon Thursday and Raskin has signaled that more video from the Capitol attack will be presented, the New York Times reports. Trump’s lawyers have focused on the constitutionality of the trial and it’s not clear how strongly they intend to counter allegations that Trump incited the riot.

AS I said gutless dickheads.

It is time for the people of the US to rid ourselves of these types of venomous scum….if not then we have many long years of double dealing antics that accomplish nothing for the people of this country….they are self-serving twats.

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Questions Not Asked

The impeachment trial of Donald Trump is a sham…..a sham because most Senators have made up their minds and no amount of evidence will change that.

The outcome of acquittal is not in question.

Speaking of questions….there are some around the insurrection that need to be asked….

There are a number of obvious questions that relate to the operation of the conspiracy that must be answered, including:

  • How was it possible that the Capitol Police, the DC National Guard, the FBI and other federal security forces were so completely unprepared for what was known in advance to be a violent attack?
  • Why was there a virtual stand-down of Capitol security forces despite well documented plans for violence, involving fascistic militias like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers?
  • With whom were the leaders of the mob in contact during the assault? Who visited the Trump White House in the days leading up to the attempted coup? How did the fascists know the layout of the Capitol building?

But there are more fundamental questions that no one is asking, let alone answering. First and foremost: If the coup succeeded, what was the plan?

The Democrats’ own indictment lays out in extensive detail the months-long conspiracy to overturn the results of the election that culminated on January 6. Trump organized a mob to storm the Capitol and stop the congressional certification of the results of the election. This is precisely true. But if they succeeded in seizing hostages, what were they going to do?

And what were the forces within the state involved in this operation? In the months before the coup, Trump made critical changes to the military aimed at facilitating it. The military has just initiated a “stand-down” supposedly aimed at addressing the proliferation of “domestic extremism” within its ranks. Who within the military supported the operation, and what were their roles?

Who, moreover, was providing the financial backing? As is well known, in order to uncover the roots of a criminal conspiracy, it is necessary to “follow the money.” Trump’s own cabinet was stocked with billionaires, including individuals like his former education secretary, Betsy DeVos, the sister of Blackwater founder Erik Prince. The DeVos family is known to have provided funding for right-wing demonstrations in Michigan to demand an end to restrictions on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. What is the connection between the fascistic mob on January 6 and high-level support within the ruling class?

Since very of this will be brought up….the conclusion of the trial is a forgone conclusion.

Was this trial necessary or just political theater?

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Impeachment Trial–Day 2

On the second day of Trump’s day in the Senate….the Dem managers were a 1000 times better and more articulate than the two baboons that Trump had pleading his case on Tuesday.

That babbling idiot that was pleading now says that his inept handling of the opening argument was on purpose….

“That was by design,” Castor said. “I don’t like reading bad stuff about me in the newspaper any more than anyone else does, or my legal colleagues around the country saying I’m stupid, but the reason I made the change was precisely so that in lowering the temperature in the room, the public coverage would be more about what I said than about what the House Managers said.”

Read the full report.



This whole trial thing just proves one thing….it is as always party over country….


I say this because evidence means nothing….and the minds of the GOP are already decided the outcome…it is not a trial it is theater of the absurd.

I step down off my soap box and go to Day 2…..

“We are having a trial on the facts.” More:

  • The “inciter-in-chief.” Raskin said Trump was “no innocent bystander” in the Jan. 6 attack. “There was method in the madness that day,” Raskin said, per the BBC. “This was an organized attack.” Raskin said Trump “surrendered his role as commander-in-chief” to become the “inciter-in-chief.” “This was the greatest betrayal of the presidential oath in the history of the United States,” he said.
  • First Amendment argument targeted. Raskin targeted arguments made by Trump lawyers Tuesday that Trump’s fiery speech before the attack was protected free speech. “This case is much worse than someone who falsely shouts fire in a crowded theater,” Raskin said, per the Guardian. “It’s more like like a case where the town fire chief, who’s paid to put out fires, sends a mob not to yell fire in a crowded theater, but to actually set the theater on fire.”
  • “The provocation.” Rep. Joe Neguse, another impeachment manager, said the prosecution’s case would be broken down into “the provocation,” “the attack,” and “the harm.” He started the “provocation” segment by playing clips of Trump urging supporters to challenge the results of the November election. “People listened. Armed supporters surrounded election officials’ homes. The secretary of state for Georgia got death threats,” Neguse said, per Politico. “Officials warned the president that his rhetoric was dangerous and it was going to result in deadly violence,” Neguse said. “He didn’t stop it. He didn’t condemn the violence. He incited it further.”
  • “Deliberate, planned, and premeditated.” Impeachment manager Rep. Eric Swalwell displayed Trump tweets and speeches that he said showed Trump built the “rigged” election claim for months before and after the election, the Post reports. He showed a “save the date” tweet from December, in which Trump said of Jan. 6: “Be there. Will be wild.” “The evidence here is overwhelming,” Swalwell said. “President Trump’s conduct leading up to Jan. 6 was deliberate, planned, and premeditated.”
  • “The actions of a desperate president.” Rep. Madeline Dean, another impeachment manager, described Trump’s attempt to overturn the election result as “the actions of a desperate president” and played recordings of Trump pressuring officials, including a call in which he urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” enough votes to change the result.
  • Trump “ran out of nonviolent options.” Impeachment manager Rep. Ted Lieu told senators that Trump turned to the “violent mob” after he “ran out of nonviolent options to maintain power,” the Hill reports. Another impeachment manager, Del. Stacey Plaskett, looked at other violent actions by Trump supporters, including an October incident in Texas where Trump supporters tried to force a Biden campaign bus off the road. She noted that Trump tweeted video of the incident with added music and the comment “I LOVE TEXAS!”
  • Impeachment managers also showed video of then-Vice President Mike Pence and his family being evacuated from the Senate chamber after rioters had already breached the building, the Guardian reports. Plaskett said rioters at one point came within 100 feet of the room where Pence was sheltering before Goodman led them away.
  • Other footage showed rioters using wooden beams to smash their way into the Capitol, coming close to the Senate chamber where the trial is now taking place, the Los Angeles Times reports. “They were just feet away from one of the doors of this chamber, where many of you remained at that time,” Plaskett told senators. Footage from security cameras inside the Capitol showed a lone police officer quickly being overwhelmed by rioters.Plaskett also showed the trial new footage of rioters hunting for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, shouting “Where are you Nancy” as they make their way through the Capitol, the BBC reports. She also showed video of Pelosi’s staffers barricading themselves in an office minutes before rioters arrive. “You can hear the terror in their voices as they describe what’s happening as they are barricaded inside,” Plaskett said. She said Pelosi was rushed to a secure location offsite because some rioters had declared their intention to kill her.
  • Impeachment manager Rep. Eric Swalwell showed security footage of Capitol police officers blocking a hallway to illustrate how close to danger senators had come. “You know how close you came to the mob. Some of you, I understand, could hear them,” Swalwell said. “But most of the public does not know how close these rioters came to you. As you were moving through that hallway, I paced it off. You were just 58 steps away.” Swalwell also showed video of violence against law enforcement, including graphic footage of an officer being crushed in a set of doors, and of the shooting of Ashli Babbitt as she tried to climb through a broken window to the House lobby.
  • Swalwell also showed previously unreleased security footage of Sen. Chuck Schumer, who is now Senate Majority Leader, and his security detail walking up a ramp and then running back down after encountering rioters, CNN reports. “They came within just yards of rioters,” Swalwell said.

The evidence was compelling…..well compelling to anyone with an open mind…..that omits the Senate GOP for the most part.

Day Three will be more evidence.

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Impeachment Trial–Day 1

The forthcoming posts are for all those that did not take in the doings in this trial…..or for those that had important things to do like watch the Kardashians…..

Yesterday the Senate trial of Donald Trump and his part in the insurrection of 06 January……but how will all this play out for the cameras and nation….

It’s impeachment, take II. The Senate on Tuesday begins the second impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Barring surprises, the smart money points to a short trial, maybe lasting a week, that results in Trump’s acquittal. Democrats (and a few Republicans) accuse Trump of inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, but Trump’s lawyers say he didn’t encourage violence, was just exercising his First Amendment rights about the election results, and can’t be impeached anyway because he’s out of office. How things are expected to play out:

  • Tuesday: At 1pm Eastern, the Senate will begin a four-hour debate on whether the trial is constitutional given that Trump is a former president. As Vox notes, this holds little suspense because Democrats have the numbers to prevail. The vote will set the stage for Wednesday’s opening arguments.
  • Arguments: House impeachment managers will go first, beginning at noon Wednesday, and their arguments are expected to last into Thursday. The House team is led this time by Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, per USA Today, which has a look at him and the eight other impeachment managers.
  • The defense: Trump’s legal team is expected to begin their arguments on Friday and run into Saturday, per the AP. Originally, the Senate was going to skip Saturday to honor the Jewish Sabbath, as requested by one of Trump’s lawyers, but that request has been withdrawn, reports CNN. This late development was throwing the weekend schedule into flux.
  • Questions: After the arguments wrap up, senators get four hours of questions, a big reduction from the allotted two days in the first trial, notes the Hill.
  • Wild card: Will witnesses be called? If so, this could delay the trial beyond a week. As of Tuesday morning, however, witnesses looked unlikely. Instead, the final vote is expected to happen early next week, after closing arguments.
  • Biden: As all this is happening, don’t expect to hear much from President Biden, reports Politico. The White House strategy approceedings…pears to be to keep Biden as far removed from the developments as possible. His spokesperson isn’t even saying whether he will receive daily updates.

It all began with the Constitutionality of the trial….


Holy crap!

Trump’s lawyer rambled and babbled….contradicting himself over and over… are some of the big lines from day one……..

Trump’s lawyers argue that it is unconstitutional to put a former president on trial, while the House impeachment managers say there is no “January exception” that permits an outgoing president to commit offenses, the Guardian reports. Some big lines:

  • “The framers’ worst nightmare.” Rep. Joe Neguse, a House impeachment manager, argued that historical precedent existed for the trial and that Trump’s conduct made it necessary, the New York Times reports. “Like every one of you, I was evacuated as this violent mob stormed the Capitol’s gates,” he told senators. “What you experienced that day, what we experienced that day, what our country experienced that day, is the framers’ worst nightmare.” He added: “Presidents can’t inflame insurrection in their final weeks and then walk away like nothing happened.”
  • Every time I read that tweet, it chills me to the core.” Another impeachment manager, Rep. David Cicilline, displayed a Trump tweet that described the rioters as “great patriots,” the Hill reports. “Every time I read that tweet, it chills me to my core,” Cicilline said. “The president of the United States sided with the insurrectionists, he celebrated their cause, he validated their attack, he told them ‘remember this day forever.'”
  • “This cannot be the future of America.” Rep. Jamie Raskin, the leading impeachment manager, choked up as he recounted his experiences on Jan. 6. A day before the riot, Raskin buried his son, who took his own life on Dec. 31. Raskin told senators that his daughter and son-in-law were barricaded in an office during the attack and thought they were going to die, the Washington Post reports. He said he was on the House floor, unable to reach them, and could hear lawmakers around him calling their loved ones to say their goodbyes. “Senators, this cannot be our future,” he said. “This cannot be the future of America.”
  • “The floodgates will open.” In an opening statement described by Politico as “meandering,” Trump lawyer Bruce Castor warned the the impeachment trial was a “slippery slope” and said the “floodgates will open” if Trump was convicted. He also described the Capitol riot as “repugnant” and acknowledged that Biden won the election.
  • “This trial will tear this country apart.” David Schoen, another Trump lawyer, said trying an ex-president on an impeachment charge was a “radical constitutional theory” and an “affront to the Constitution, the AP reports. “This trial will tear this country apart, perhaps like we have only seen once before in our history,” said Schoen, per the Post. He accused the House impeachment managers of “pure, raw, misguided partisanship.”

But the best line was on Twitter….”I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and crap out  more coherent sentence than Trump’s lawyer”…well said and very observant.

After all the rhetoric the Senate had it’s vote…..

A day of debate on whether it is constitutional to put a former president on trial in the Senate succeeded in changing the mind of one senator. Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial was declared constitutional in a 56-44 vote, with six Republican senators voting with the chamber’s 50 Democrats. Last month, five Republicans voted against dismissing the trial. On Tuesday, GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana flipped and said he believes the trial is constitutional, the Hill reports. He was joined by Republican Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, and Pat Toomey, who voted the same way last month. “I have always said I was approaching this with an open mind,” Cassidy said, per the AP. He said the House impeachment managers delivered “strong arguments.”

I said before that Trump’s lawyers spoke and spoke and had very little to actually say…..even the ‘accused’ thought his lawyers were a joke…..

After the first day of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial, his lawyers are getting bad reviews from Republicans—and the former president himself, according to Politico. Sources say Trump, who spent the day at Mar-a-Lago watching the Senate trial, was not impressed by the dry, technical arguments made by lead attorney Bruce Castor. The sources tell Politico that Trump was frustrated by the contrast between the contrast between his attorneys’ performance and the effective opening arguments made by House impeachment managers, who showed a graphic video of the Jan.6 Capitol riot. GOP Sen. John Cornyn also criticized Castor, saying he’s seen “a lot of lawyers and a lot of arguments,” and Castor’s “was not one of the finest,” the Washington Post reports.

Castor, who spoke for 48 minutes, “just rambled on and on and on and didn’t really address the constitutional argument,” Cornyn said, adding that second lawyer David Schoen did a better job. Sen. Ted Cruz, another Trump ally, said he didn’t the former president’s lawyers did “the most effective job,” while lead House impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Rankin was “impressive,” the AP reports. Sen. Bill Cassidy—one of six Republicans to vote with Democrats in favor of proceeding with the trial, and the only one to flip after the previous vote on its constitutionality—told reporters that Trump’s lawyers were “disorganized” and “random,” while House impeachment managers made a “compelling, cogent case.” When asked about the criticism from Republicans, Castor said, “We had a good day.

I understand why some think this is necessary….but the final tally is already set.


Watch the Dems opening video….

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Trump’s Senate Trial

If so then it will be the second one in four years.

There is lots of talk about a second trial for Trump in the Senate….the first one failed (go figure)…..

After the events on 06 January 2021 and the situation where Trump fed the lunacy of his supporters….he was impeached twice in the House….and then the trial in the Senate…..but since Trump has left office can he be tried by the Senate?

President Trump, having reached the historic — and infamous — landmark of being impeached twice, now faces trial in the Senate. But unlike the first time, he will no longer be in office. So, does the Senate have the power to try an ex-president on impeachment charges?

The Constitution says that after the House of Representatives votes to impeach a president or any other civil officer, the case is sent to the Senate for a trial, which “shall not extend further than to removal from office, and disqualification” from future office. Conviction requires a two-thirds vote, but barring Trump from future office would take only a majority vote.

As you can see there is a bunch of opinions on this matter.

But what about the US Senate?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointedly did not rule out Wednesday that he might eventually vote to convict the now twice-impeached President Donald Trump, but he also blocked a quick Senate impeachment trial.

Minutes after the House voted 232-197 to impeach Trump, McConnell said in a letter to his GOP colleagues that he’s not determined whether Trump should be convicted in the Senate’s upcoming proceedings. The House impeachment articles charge that Trump incited insurrection by exhorting supporters who violently attacked the Capitol last week, resulting in five deaths and a disruption of Congress.

“I have not made a final decision on how I will vote and I intend to listen to the legal arguments when they are presented to the Senate,” McConnell wrote.

You see there is still a wealth of opinions and possible actions.

Personally I want to see Trump pay a high price for thumbing his nose at the Constitution and the rule of law.

Any thoughts?

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Review: Trial Of The Chicago 7

I seldom do many reviews but in this case I will make an exception…..

You see I am an old fart and remember this trial well…..the Netflix handling of this historic trial was good and even sort of accurate……but they did state that it was “based on an actual incident”……but first…..who were the Chicago 7?

Initially there were eight defendants (and the group was known as the Chicago Eight), but one, Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers, denounced Hoffman as a racist and demanded a separate trial. The seven other defendants, including David Dellinger of the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam (MOBE); Rennie Davis and Tom Hayden of MOBE and Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); and Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman of the Youth International Party (Yippies), were accused of conspiring to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

Here are the two trailers….

I followed the story in ’68 as best I could for I was ass deep in mud and rain in South Vietnam… if I had been stateside I might have been in Chicago… I will let someone who was there at the protests and at the trial…..Nancy Kurshan……this is her review of the Netflix film and her thoughts on the trial.

Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7, streaming on Netflix, is entertaining, sometimes moving and often funny. But it played fast and loose with the facts. I ought to know. I was a yippie organizer for the ’68 protest and present every day at the trial, working on the defense side— in the beginning with Tom Hayden, tracking down witnesses. As the nature of the trial morphed, I became the “yippie props gal”. I acquired the robes that Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman wore to court in Sorkin’s movie.

Although the actors were great, Sorkin failed to reflect the essence of many of the characters. He showed Jerry as a violence-provoking buffoon, one who let a female FBI agent get close to him in the midst of what we had put our hearts and souls into for much of the year. The only woman that was next to him the whole time was me. And I knew Jerry’s faults as well as anyone which is finally why I left him. But I also knew his strengths. He had tremendous courage. Not Rambo courage. It was ridiculous to see him in the film talking about molotov cocktails. He couldn’t even make a smoothie. But he was brave. He stood up 3 times to the House Unamerican Activities Committee (HUAC). All times in costume. First as a revolutionary war hero with tri-corner hat and all, then as an international guerrilla, and finally as Santa Claus. (It was Xmas time, and the headlines read HUAC BARS SANTA.)  Many times bravery involves being able to put yourself out there, even if you are scared, to be outspoken and fight for what you think is right. Jerry had been a journalist and knew how to work the media to expand the movement. He developed theatrical politics and was a creative, brilliant tactician of protest. He helped lead the earlier protests against the war. It was largely his vision, as the Project Director, that guided the 1967 attempt to SHUT DOWN the Pentagon through both levitation and huge civil disobedience action against the war where 800 of us were arrested.

I Was in the Room Where It Happened: One Woman’s Perspective on “The Trial of the Chicago 7”

I liked the film…not so much for its accuracy but it reminded me of my youth and my days of protests and the injuries my protesting lead to in later years.

Keep in mind that the 7 were protesters and Bobby Seal was on trial at the same time for murder….that made it 8 defendants….a small fact but important nonetheless…..

Now spend some time an watch a documentary of the trial and the actual events….it is lengthy but well worth the view for those interested…..Chicago 7 +1

7 Reasons Why the Chicago 8 Trial Mattered - HISTORY
This is another look at the Netflix offering……
Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a historical drama streaming on Netflix. It deals with the court proceedings in 1969–70 in which organizers of protests at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, held in Chicago, faced charges of conspiracy and crossing state lines with the intent to incite a riot. The charges brought by the Nixon administration’s Justice Department were aimed at intimidating and criminalizing political opposition.
(does that at all sound familiar?)
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Senate Impeachment Trial–Final Day

Mercifully It’s Over!

Finally this Greek comedy has mercifully come to an end…at least in the US Senate…..but we will see and hear more in the coming days until the writers get cramps and move on.

The final vote….and the vote was no surprise….

President Trump has been acquitted on both articles of impeachment and will not be removed from office, USA Today reports. The vote for the first article, abuse of power, was 52-48, CNN reports. All 47 Democratic senators voted to convict, the Wall Street Journal reports. Utah Sen. Mitt Romney also voted to convict, breaking with his fellow Republicans, a decision he had announced on the Senate floor before the vote Wednesday, the AP reports. Romney said Trump’s actions were “perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of oath of office that I can imagine.” He’s the only senator in US history who has ever voted to convict a president from his own party during an impeachment trial. Romney did not, however, vote with Democrats on the second article, obstruction of Congress; the vote on that charge was 53-47.

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts declared, per the Guardian: “The Senate having tried Donald John Trump, President of the United States, upon two Articles of Impeachment exhibited against him by the House of Representatives, and two-thirds of the Senators present not having found him guilty of the charges contained therein: it is, therefore, ordered and adjudged that the said Donald John Trump be, and he is hereby, acquitted of the charges in said articles.” Before the trial officially adjourned, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell presented Roberts with a golden gavel to thank him for presiding over the trial. “We typically award this to new senators after about 100 hours in the chair, but we can all believe that the chief justice has put in his due and then some,” he said. The Senate is now in recess until next week

The only thing this accomplishes is the rapid deterioration of our political system into chaos of corruption and greed…..well done GOP…..they have NEVER cared about the nation or the Constitution except when it is a slogan/prop for voters…..

The GOP can NO longer claim the mantle of fiscal responsibility or to champion the Constitution.

Not to worry the president will have to go before the cameras and doing his Reality TV thing on this acquittal…..

President Trump celebrated acquittal in his impeachment trial Wednesday by suggesting that he could remain president for more than 90,000 years—long beyond the limits set by both the human lifespan and the US Constitution. Trump tweeted a video based on a Time magazine cover from last year that shows campaign signs up to “Trump 2048,” the Hill reports. The video, which the president has shared before, shows the sign number ticking upward until it reaches “Trump 90,000,” followed by “Trump 4EVA.” Trump allies including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, meanwhile, tweeted about Trump being “acquitted for life,” the Week reports.

In another tweet, Trump slammed “failed presidential candidate” Sen. Mitt Romney, the only Republican senator to vote for conviction—and the only senator to vote against his party in any of the three presidential impeachment trials in US history. Had Romney “devoted the same energy and anger to defeating a faltering Barack Obama as he sanctimoniously does to me, he could have won the election,” said Trump, who also tweeted a video that claimed Romney was a “secret Democrat asset.” The president said he would make a statement at noon Thursday from the White House to “discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!”

It is over!

Trump will forever be an impeached president like Clinton…..on the other hand he was acquitted of the “crimes” like Clinton.

Now the story should be…..will there be  price for the Senators vote?

The Congress will take a week off to recover from having to work days on end…..their wallets are slimmer since the donors have been otherwise distracted.

Now the work of the country needs to be handled….like that will happen.

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Senate Impeachment Trial–Day 11

We are getting damn close to the final chapter…..the vote will bring this portion of the Greek comedy to a close…..

Last month I wrote that there should be a censure instead of a impeachment….  …… one was listening….will guess what is being floated before the official vote?

It’s time for closing arguments in President Trump’s impeachment trial. Both sides are getting two hours apiece in the Senate on Monday, but the ultimate vote—an expected acquittal—won’t take place until Wednesday, reports USA Today. The reason? So senators can make speeches on the Senate floor before casting their votes. Coverage:

  • For the defense: “You understand the arguments that we’ve been making, and at the end of the day, the key conclusion, we believe the only conclusion based on the evidence and based on the articles of impeachment themselves and the Constitution, is that you must vote to acquit the President,” said White House counsel Pat Cipollone, per CNN. He reiterated a common accusation from the defense team, that Democrats are trying to overturn the 2016 election results.
  • Schiff’s plea: In his own closing argument, House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff said senators had a duty to act. “I do not ask you to convict him because truth or right or decency matters nothing to him, but because we have proven our case, and it matters to you,” he said. “Truth matters to you. Right matters to you. You are decent. He is not who you are.”
  • Censure? With acquittal all but a certainty, Democratic Sen. Chris Van Hollen suggested Monday that Trump should at least be censured for his dealings with Ukraine, reports the Washington Post. “If they were serious about punishing misconduct and they don’t want to vote to impeach and remove, at the very least, at the very least, they should have enough respect for the system to introduce a resolution of censure after Wednesday,” he said of Republicans. Fellow Democrat Michael Bennet voiced a similar sentiment. Some GOP senators, including Lamar Alexander, have said Trump’s actions were inappropriate but not impeachable.
  • Maybe not: The chances of censure? “Zero,” said GOP Sen. Mike Braun. Even some Democrats weren’t thrilled. “What he did was an impeachable offense,” said Sen. Jon Tester. “A slap on the wrist doesn’t do any good.”
  • Done deal? By the count of Politico, 34 senators have indicated they will vote for acquittal, meaning Democrats face a “mathematical impossibility” in convicting Trump.
  • Those speeches: Senators aren’t allowed to speak during impeachment trials, so this week’s speeches required a parliamentary workaround. The Hill explains: After closing arguments, the Senate will adjourn as a court to allow for the speeches. When they’re done, the Senate will reconvene as a court at 4pm ET Wednesday, and the vote will then take place.

Soon all the whining, bitching and ranting will be over….and then what?

Why bother with a Wednesday vote?

We already know the outcome…..why waste valuable time on stupidity?

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Senate Impeachment Trial–Day Of Rest

The Senate decided to take a break from the rigors of doing nothing and give the Senators the weekend to run back for their infusion of corporate cash from the masters they serve.

With that said I have a couple of thoughts…..

One, I agree with mot of the so-called conservs that it is a sham…..I mean a trial with no witnesses….now that is something many criminal has desired in the past…..maybe now they will get their wants.

The House made their case….like the outcome or not….it was based on facts and evidence and witnesses….like them or not……but the defense has been something out of a Greek comedy.

The Senate impeachment trial playing out in Washington, D.C., is a history-making event, not just because it is only the third time that the Senate has ever been asked to formally consider removing a president, but also because it showcases, in stunning terms, the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the Republican Party. It would be laughable, if it weren’t so tragic, to watch defenders of President Donald Trump tying themselves into knots in attempting to prove his innocence. They are forced to resort to constant contradictions of their own past statements—and of one another—at every turn, because there is no other way to defend Trump’s actions.

Chief among the embarrassing discrepancies on display is how Trump’s backers approached the 1999 impeachment of President Bill Clinton compared with their handling of Trump’s trial today. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who may be the single most powerful enabler of Trump’s impunity with his assurances of being in lockstep with the White House, said this about the president during a closed-door testimony at Clinton’s Senate impeachment trial:

This opens the door for an unscrupulous politician to rape and pillage the nation….you know kinda like those third world politicians that you condemn.

I know they won’t but the GOP needs to be reminded of their actions this year and the blind eye they turn to corruption and criminal activity.

But I know if anyone can spin this into something positive and vote getting it is the toads in the GOP.

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