I have been composting for years….it makes a great garden….but this composting post is something a little different.

I recall many years ago when I was asked where did I want to be buried when I pass along……I told the person that for all I cared they could run my body through a wood chipper and spread my remains on a wheat field and then name a loaf of bread after me.

I was joking back in those days….but I have been reading about a new “service” for the deceased…..composting.

The world’s first funerary human composting facility is slated to open in the spring of 2021 after Washington State lawmakers legalized the posthumous process earlier this year. Seattle-based company Recompose will be the first to offer “natural organic reduction,” a process that owner Katrina Spade says gently converts human remains – bones, teeth, and all – into organic soil.

“The transformation of human to soil happens inside our reusable, hexagonal Recomposition Vessels. When the process has finished, families will be able to take home some of the soil created, while gardens on-site will remind us that all of life is interconnected,” writes Recompose on its website.

The new-age funeral home celebrated the opening of its first location in a 1,720-square-meter (18,500-square-foot) building last month after legislators changed state law regarding after-death services, making Washington State the first to allow human composting, reported The Seattle Times. SB 5001 “Concerning human remains” was signed into law in May, recognizing “natural organic reduction” as an acceptable means of the disposition of bodies. The law is set to go into effect on May 1 of next year.

This process costs about the same as a cremation but less than the fancy funerals…..

It is something that I would consider as I grow older and older…..I want to leave a little something behind for my wife and my daughter and her family…..

My Saturday is a bit warmer so pruning is in order….MoMo will have to help and will make the process take longer than it should…..but I am use to it by now.

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

7 thoughts on “Composting!

  1. Did you happen to see that short series, “The Moody’s”? The one kid came up with the idea of after cremating, you put the ashes in a roman candle and set it off!

  2. I always felt planting a fruit tree over my remains would be a great way to return to the soil! An alternate, I thought it would be good to be tossed somewhere in the Nebraska Sandhills and let turkey vultures and other carrion eaters have a feast. Neither would be allowed, I’m sure, but the composting option in Washington makes me think it would be a great idea to move to Washington, where my sister and her family live. Really!

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