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Just last week another shooting …well 3 shootings…but the one that I write about is the one in Florida where a Saudi national went on a shooting spree…..

President Trump said he received a phone call Friday from King Salman offering condolences after the shootings at a Florida naval base, apparently by a Saudi aviation student. “The King said that the Saudi people are greatly angered by the barbaric actions of the shooter,” the president tweeted, “and that this person in no way shape or form represents the feelings of the Saudi people who love the American people.” Three people were killed and at least eight wounded. The shooting suspect also was killed. “It’s a horrible thing that took place, and we’re getting to the bottom of it,” Trump told reporters, USA Today reports.

“Obviously, the government of Saudi Arabia needs to make things better for these victims,” Gov. Ron DeSantis said earlier Friday. “They’re going to owe a debt here.” Trump would not say whether officials thought the attack might be an act of terrorism, but Rep. Matt Gaetz, whose district includes the base, tweeted: “This was not a murder. This was an act of terrorism.” He posted a video in which he said the attack demonstrated a “serious failure in the vetting process” for people who come from other countries to train at the Pensacola base, per Politico.

Sorry the King needs to go on American news and apologize to the American people and not depend on Trump to convey their feelings.

Then there is the idiot Gaetz who calls it terrorism……..but let some white boy do this same thing and it is a mentally challenged person.

Blatant idiocy!

Did anyone see the movie Syriana”?

I throw into the post because in the film Matt Damon’s son is killed while attending a party at a “Saudi” national……and to smooth things the prince gives Damon a million dollars as compensation for the death.

Sound familiar?

Our favorite royal butchers the Saudis want to compnensate the families of the Pensacola shootings….

Top US defense and military officials on Saturday reaffirmed America’s continued commitment to and relationship with Saudi Arabia after a Saudi Air Force student’s deadly attack at a Navy base in Florida, the AP reports. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and others attending a security conference in California played down any initial impact on US-Saudi ties. President Donald Trump described a conciliatory conversation with the Saudi king. But the shooting also is testing the allies’ ties just months after the Trump administration delivered substantial military aid to Saudi Arabia to counter threats from Iran. “I spoke with the king of Saudi Arabia. They are devastated in Saudi Arabia,” Trump told reporters Saturday as he left the White House on a trip to Florida.

He said the king “will be involved in taking care of families and loved ones. He feels very strongly.” Asked about any potential effect on military relations, Esper said Friday that “we have strong military-to-military ties” that are unlikely to change. When Gen. David Berger, commandant of the Marine Corps, was asked whether the shooting gave him reservations about sending Marines to Saudi Arabia, he said no. Saudi leaders were quick to make calls to American officials, expressing condolences and outrage over the killings. The shooting raised uneasy parallels to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when many of the al-Qaeda-linked hijackers who flew planes into the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania countryside were Saudi citizens who had flight training in the US.

I ask again…Sound familiar?

Cut it any way you like….call it whatever you like….IT IS HUSH MONEY!

They will buy silence and the shutdown of any negative PR…all it takes is to pay off the victims families…they did it with the Khasoggi family…we will probably NEVER know the outcome for I smell a NDA…I am confident that Rudi can work that out.

Conservative Washington Post columnist Max Boot blasted President Donald Trump for essentially becoming a “press secretary” for the Saudi Arabian government in wake of the Pensacola, Florida mass shooting.

In his column Sunday, Boot noted that the typical mass shooting sentiments like “thoughts and prayers” were absent Friday when Trump discovered that the shooting was done by a Muslim.

“It turns out that Trump actually has a triple standard, because he treats attacks by Saudis differently than those from other Muslim nations,” Boot observed. “On Friday, a Saudi air force officer studying at the Naval Air Station Pensacola shot dead three Americans and wounded eight others. Instead of expressing outrage or vowing vengeance, or even waiting for all the facts to come in, Trump sounded as if he were auditioning for the job of press secretary at the Saudi Embassy.”

Now I want to know why the president is apologizing for the Saudis and why Trump announcing the cash pay outs?

Is he that deep in the Saudi pocket to do their bidding for them?

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Civics Will Solve Any Problems


I have been reading and writing about the impeachment thing….to me it is just a replay of the 1990s and the Clinton thing…..I find it amazing that in a country that is so proud of our Constitution……I mean it is a prop for every damn political campaign I have every heard……that so few people know what Civics is all about.

When I was in grade school and into high school American government was a required course and without it one could not move on to the next level…..apparently those days are long gone….

The lack of Civics education shows in the people we elect and the people we listen to for the “news”…..we are a nation readily willing to believe whatever some high paid pundit wants us to believe….that is pathetic…nay it is disgusting!

Most Americans can not pass a simple civics quiz….

… lawmakers in Oregon proposed a bill that would require all public-school students in the state to pass the civics portion of the U.S. naturalization test before receiving their high-school diploma. Under Senate Bill 1038, Oregon students would have to correctly answer 60 of the 100 civics questions to pass. A student could take the test as many times as necessary to reach that threshold and could begin taking the test even before high school. Just last month, Alabama, Arkansas, and Kentucky each enacted similar laws, joining at least 15 other states with such civics requirements for high-school graduation, according to the Joe Foss Institute’s Civics Education Initiative.

Just how much do you know about our way of governing?

Take the quiz…….

This is the test given by the naturalization service…..take this one and see what you truly do not know about the government…..

Personally, I would support mandatory civics in grade school through high school……I think this subject is as important as the economics many schools teach our youngsters.

It is sad that so many of our elected officials have NO idea what the Constitution says or what the duties of their office are all about…..and these are the people protecting this country from harm from external as well as internal problems.

It is sad and pathetic that these people know so little.

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Middle East: Troops Go And Troops Stay

I recently had a talk with a Trump supporter on his foreign policy and of course my friend likes what he is doing in the Middle East….let me say here that I think our troops should come home and leave the region to decide for themselves.

I have stated several times in several posts that Trump’s foreign policy is based on chaos… throw lots of scenarios out and until any progress looks like a win.

The president tried to bring the troops out of Syria and the M-IC and its media arm went batcrap crazy to force a change in direction….they won and troops were sent back into Syria this time to “protect” the oil fields.

So all this chaos is no surprise when the announcement was released that more troops could be sent to Iraq to counter Iran….

The Pentagon is considering sending several thousand additional troops to the Middle East to deter Iranian aggression, amid reports of escalating violence in Iran and continued meddling by Tehran in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the region. John Rood, defense undersecretary for policy, told senators Thursday that Defense Secretary Mark Esper “intends to make changes” to the number of troops deployed in the region, the AP reports. Other officials said options under consideration could send 5,000 to 7,000 troops to the Middle East, but they all stressed that there have been no final decisions. The troop deliberations follow several decisions since spring to beef up the US presence in the region because of a series of maritime attacks and bombings in Saudi Arabia that the US and others have blamed on Iran.

President Trump has approved those increases, though he routinely insists he is pulling US troops out of the Middle East and withdrawing from “endless wars.” Asked about sending troops, Trump said Thursday: ”We’ll announce whether we will or not. Certainly there might be a threat. And if there is a threat, it will be met very strongly.” Military leaders have argued the US needs to increase its presence to deter Iran from more and broader attacks. Rood provided no details to back up why additional troops are needed, but said the US is concerned about intelligence indications suggesting an increased threat from Iran. The administration on Thursday accused Iran of killing more than 1,000 people in crackdowns against recent protests. Trump said that the US “stands by the protesters,” per CNN, and that the situation “could be fixed very quickly.

But not to worry…..if youm do not like the Trump policies just wait a moment and it will probably change…..

And it did!

the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump Administration is considering sending 14,000 US troops to the Middle East, in areas around Iran. On Thursday, the Pentagon “denied” this, saying the reporting was wrong.

The denial isn’t necessarily particularly binding, since the consideration would’ve been at the White House level, not the Pentagon level. The Pentagon has often made policy proclamations that don’t pan out when the administration makes decisions.

In all likelihood, a series of options are being considered, with all reports pointing to the US again escalating its presence. Sending another 14,000 troops is likely on the extreme end of possibilities, but there appears to be no denying that another buildup is in the offing.


If you do not like this decision then just wait….it will change….

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Professor’s Classroom

Monday again and another quiz….this is another re-blog from 2007…..note..this is not as easy as it appears…..the obvious choice is not correct. Have fun and learn….chuq

In Saner Thought

Good morning class! It is monday and we know what that means, HA! The last couple of quizzes have been a little too easy, so after much mental masturbation, today’s question is this:

This person worked for the Arab Bureau in Cairo during WWI. At the conclusion of the war, this person set about drawing the boundries of what would become Iraq. And in 1917 became commander ot the Order of the British Empire. Who is this person?

This is not as easy as it appears, unless of course you are familiar with Middle East history. Good luck, class.

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North Korea/US–The Way It Has Always Been

NK and the US were always international adversaries and then Trump came along with his style of foreign policy (I am still trying to decipher just what the Hell that style is all about) and there was the appearance of a thaw in the relations with the two countries and that lasted for about 2 years and now the war of words and insults appears to be ready to fire up once again…….

Then just last week NK’s rhetoric to pick up when he promised a “Christmas gift” for the US……

But the two kids in the sand pile are back to the name calling….

With a year-end deadline for resuming talks fast approaching, the US and North Korea don’t appear to have any solid idea how they could get back to successful negotiations. They have, however, gotten really good at calling each other names.

President Trump is back to firing off screeds about “Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un, while claiming that he, Trump, may be Kim’s only friend on the entire planet, and also threatened to further isolate him.

North Korea responded by saying Kim was “displeased with the undesirable remark,” and that Trump is showing “the senility of a dotard.”

This calls back to the hostility between the US and North Korean officials in 2017, when both were trading name-calling as a matter of course, and did so as seemingly the only bilateral engagement



The Oxford English Dictionary defines a dotard as “a person whose mental faculties are impaired, specifically, a person whose intellect or understanding is impaired in old age”.

The foreign ministry said if Mr Trump was confrontational, it “must really be diagnosed as the relapse of the dotage of a dotard”.

The North first called Mr Trump a dotard, meaning old and weak, in 2017.

It is the first time in over a year that Pyongyang has been openly critical of Donald Trump, the BBC’s Korea correspondent Laura Bicker said

Here we go again……will this lead to tough talk then love chat and then a meeting?

We have seen this film before…..and it lad to nothing but a photo op.

But is there some sort of plan about the handling of NK?

The Neocons and the M-IC have a plan in waiting.

North Korea’s nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons represent a grave threat to the United States and its allies. To convince North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to relinquish these weapons, the Trump administration initiated a “maximum pressure” campaign. This effort imposed significant economic costs on North Korea and incentivized Kim to come to the negotiating table. So far, however, this pressure has been insufficient to persuade him to denuclearize.

It is certainly possible that no level of pressure will persuade Kim to change course. But there is a need to test that proposition. The United States and its partners have not yet implemented a more aggressive and comprehensive maximum pressure campaign that targets Kim’s cost-benefit analysis. Such a campaign likely represents the only way to denuclearize North Korea without resorting to war.1

This monograph proposes that the United States, working with its allies and partners, implement a “Plan B” to drive Kim to relinquish his nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons. Such a campaign must integrate all tools of national power, including diplomacy, military, cyber, sanctions, and information and influence activities.

Maximum Pressure 2.0

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