Merry Christmas–2019

It is that time again….time for the credit debt to rise while we spend spend spend to make our acquaintances happy.

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We celebrate the birth of the founder of the Christian faith……so my gift to my readers on this day is the story of Mary and Joseph…they were the parents if you are not so sure…..

Even if you didn’t hear the Nativity story every year, you’re probably familiar with it. A girl named Mary gets pregnant by the Holy Spirit, her fiance decides to be a solid dude and be God’s kid’s stepfather, she and Joseph go to another city to get counted in a census, there’s no room at the inn, and she gives birth to the son of God (Jesus) in a stable surrounded by cute animals. Then three kings from far away, led by a giant star pointing out where Jesus is, show up with expensive gifts (followed by random shepherds with no gifts). Zoom out on a sweet scene of the holy family. They have to flee to Egypt to escape a murderous king later. But all is calm and all is bright for now.

Cool story. But the truth about the two parents at the heart of the story is often brushed aside when talking about Christianity’s main man. But whether or not you’re a person of faith, Mary and Joseph are interesting characters. The historical details and context of their time make them way more interesting than the figures carrying a staff and riding a donkey in the movies.

This will be my only post of the day……hope all my visitors have a great day and spend time with family, fun and food….and if you are religious, faith.

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Thanx for helping make IST a must read blog on international and national politics (at least in certain circles)…..I cannot thank you enough for your participation.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Be safe, be well.

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