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Monday again and another quiz….this is another re-blog from 2007…..note..this is not as easy as it appears…..the obvious choice is not correct. Have fun and learn….chuq

In Saner Thought

Good morning class! It is monday and we know what that means, HA! The last couple of quizzes have been a little too easy, so after much mental masturbation, today’s question is this:

This person worked for the Arab Bureau in Cairo during WWI. At the conclusion of the war, this person set about drawing the boundries of what would become Iraq. And in 1917 became commander ot the Order of the British Empire. Who is this person?

This is not as easy as it appears, unless of course you are familiar with Middle East history. Good luck, class.

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6 thoughts on “Professor’s Classroom

      1. She is someone that I look up to…she was an amazing person……history has not been kind to her…..Lawrence got all the props chuq

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