Middle East: Troops Go And Troops Stay

I recently had a talk with a Trump supporter on his foreign policy and of course my friend likes what he is doing in the Middle East….let me say here that I think our troops should come home and leave the region to decide for themselves.

I have stated several times in several posts that Trump’s foreign policy is based on chaos…..you throw lots of scenarios out and until any progress looks like a win.

The president tried to bring the troops out of Syria and the M-IC and its media arm went batcrap crazy to force a change in direction….they won and troops were sent back into Syria this time to “protect” the oil fields.

So all this chaos is no surprise when the announcement was released that more troops could be sent to Iraq to counter Iran….

The Pentagon is considering sending several thousand additional troops to the Middle East to deter Iranian aggression, amid reports of escalating violence in Iran and continued meddling by Tehran in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the region. John Rood, defense undersecretary for policy, told senators Thursday that Defense Secretary Mark Esper “intends to make changes” to the number of troops deployed in the region, the AP reports. Other officials said options under consideration could send 5,000 to 7,000 troops to the Middle East, but they all stressed that there have been no final decisions. The troop deliberations follow several decisions since spring to beef up the US presence in the region because of a series of maritime attacks and bombings in Saudi Arabia that the US and others have blamed on Iran.

President Trump has approved those increases, though he routinely insists he is pulling US troops out of the Middle East and withdrawing from “endless wars.” Asked about sending troops, Trump said Thursday: ”We’ll announce whether we will or not. Certainly there might be a threat. And if there is a threat, it will be met very strongly.” Military leaders have argued the US needs to increase its presence to deter Iran from more and broader attacks. Rood provided no details to back up why additional troops are needed, but said the US is concerned about intelligence indications suggesting an increased threat from Iran. The administration on Thursday accused Iran of killing more than 1,000 people in crackdowns against recent protests. Trump said that the US “stands by the protesters,” per CNN, and that the situation “could be fixed very quickly.

But not to worry…..if youm do not like the Trump policies just wait a moment and it will probably change…..

And it did!

the Wall Street Journal reported that the Trump Administration is considering sending 14,000 US troops to the Middle East, in areas around Iran. On Thursday, the Pentagon “denied” this, saying the reporting was wrong.

The denial isn’t necessarily particularly binding, since the consideration would’ve been at the White House level, not the Pentagon level. The Pentagon has often made policy proclamations that don’t pan out when the administration makes decisions.

In all likelihood, a series of options are being considered, with all reports pointing to the US again escalating its presence. Sending another 14,000 troops is likely on the extreme end of possibilities, but there appears to be no denying that another buildup is in the offing.


If you do not like this decision then just wait….it will change….

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10 thoughts on “Middle East: Troops Go And Troops Stay

  1. “troops should come home and leave the region to decide for themselves.”

    I agree but there is a problem here. We say we believe in the self determination of all people. The word “people” is the operative word. In the Middle East (except for democratic Israel) the “people” don’t get to determine anything. The dictators or the theocratic oligarchs determine everything not the people. I notice you quoted lying fake news CNN. I won’t trust a weather report or even a football game score from CNN.

    1. One just because Israel has an election does not make it a democracy…that is a ;lie for the ages. CNN is no more a liar than FOX….silly to claim any different chuq

      1. Yes FOX is clearly pro Trump but at least you can tell when pure news is being delivered and when the editorialized news is given. Trump fires a few White House staff and CNN headlines are “White House in Chaos” and “Trump spinning out of Control” or ” 5,000 psychiatrists question Trump’s sanity” and “Europeans in terror over Trump insanity”. Come on now – that’s ridiculous and not news and if all I listened to was CNN and MSNBC I’d want Trump gone yesterday. In addition the left media is censoring the news by omitting and not covering anything positive re Trump or omits major gaffes by dems and this is reported on FOX. CNN and MSNBC et al have been painting Trump a Russian implant of Putin for 3 friggin years and that is absolutely preposterous but unfortunately millions of people believe it. That kind of press news truly is the enemy of the people.

  2. We have elections coming up. It will be interesting to see whether we vote for more or less global intervention. We will which candidates want to bring troops home and stop endless wars and how many votes they get. Which way goes the younger generation think we should go. Important decisions to be made.

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