American Presidents–The Terrible

That time again…..time for a the old professor to expand your mind….and with out those drug altering drugs…..

History time again…..(I can hear the eye rolls and the heavy sighs)….as I type….according to some this admin is one of the worst in our history…..but how does it rank?

If you are a voter then you have an idea who you think was a terrible president…..most times it is along party lines…..but for the sake of argument I found a list of who they think were the “terrible” presidents…..this is along ethic and moral lines…..

Not all American presidents set a good example during their time in the White House. Your take on the most hated presidents probably depends at least a little bit on your politics. But when it comes to ethics, some presidents did things that, many Americans would agree, made them terrible people. Some committed crimes. Others took sexist, racist, or homophobic actions. Still others sanctioned unnecessary violence and brought about the deaths of thousands of people.

Democratic or Republican, numerous presidents have done things that Americans shouldn’t feel proud of. Read on to discover some of the American presidents who were actually terrible people.

Please if you have someone else in mind please let us know and we can discuss your choice.

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14 thoughts on “American Presidents–The Terrible

  1. I read the list. No inclusion of JFK, I notice. I know he was adored by many, but he cheated on his wife, treated his floozies badly, and tried to overthrown the Castro regime when he got the chance. All pretty bad in my book. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Poor Harding. He saw the presidency as mostly ceremonial and had no vision for aims or goals. In glimpses of letters I’ve read it is pretty apparent he knew himself that he was not qualified being content to sip a little bourbon, play poker with his friends and dawdle with this or that girlfriend on the side. I would absolve him from being a participant or even having knowledge of the crooked schemes and corruption that came to light. Thank goodness there were cabinet and other leaders than ran domestic and foreign policy with some efficiency without any real executive directives from Harding.

      2. Harding also lost the WH china in a poker game……plus he was a womanizer…other than that he was a terrible president….chuq

    1. Seems he did not try to overthrow Castro from my perspective (I lived 90 miles away from Cuba in Miami , Florida). Kennedy pulled the plug and undermined the CIA organized Bay of Pigs invasion of which he was unaware and had given no authorization according to some sources. As part of settling Cuban Missile Crisis Kennedy agreed with Khrushchev not to invade Cuba. Russia pulled missiles out of Cuba and we pulled missiles of Turkey which was the real Russian objective. .

      1. Thanks for your local perspective, Carl. I read that he was all for it at one time, and that he knew about the Bay of Pigs. I suppose it depends who I was reading, but I am happy to admit I am wrong.
        Best wishes, Pete.

      2. Kennedy was rapidly hated by the exile Cuban community and intrigue for independent invasion and pressure on US leaders to invade for many decades. It made the Cubans staunch Republicans for many decades but there is a rising Democratic Party in their midst last decade or so. Their old guard is against any normalization of relations with Cuba which I think is pretty stupid. The more windows and open doors that permeate the darkness of dictatorship, it evaporates.

  2. I’ve read some Grant bios. He is very eloquent in his words and personal integrity impeachable. Did a great deal to protect freed slaves and established Freedman’s Bureau and colleges. He was not part of crooked scandals. Ah, Jackson and the Indians. This was a time for hundreds of thousands of settles crossing the Appalachians into Ohio Valley and into Arkansas and Missouri. There would be a blood bath of war between whites moving west and killing of Indians on a genocidal level. He made the ugly decision to move them all west and in that way saved their culture and people from extermination of their civilization. I wonder if Obama will make the list for not sending military hardware for Ukraine fighting Russians.

      1. Agree. Profiteering during the was was rampant too. As Sec of War Stanton had complete control of all details of everything even beyond Lincoln’s awareness. Harding lost the WH china in a game ? That is an absolute scream ! Cannot control my laughter. Imagine a president playing poker today for countries or for nukes…

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