Breaking News–Syria

I try to keep the news out of my weekend posts but some times it just too important to wait for a week day… is one of those reports….

The news has just been put out on the air waves….ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, has been killed by US military action….

US officials are reporting that a Saturday special operations raid against northwestern Syria killed a “high-value” target, and that the Pentagon has “high confidence” that they had killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Baghdadi has been reported killed or gravely wounded several times in the past, only to reemerge unharmed. The Pentagon suggested that further verification is pending, but that the man believed to be Baghdadi killed himself with a suicide vest after a brief firefight.

President Trump declared ‘something very big has just happened” on Twitter,and White House officials say he is planning an official announcement of Baghdadi’s death for 9:00 AM on Sunday morning.

The leader of ISIS since 2010, Baghdadi has been considered one of the highest value targets on the US list ever since. This would have been a much bigger deal when ISIS was an active force in Iraq or Syria, but is still significant to the group’s operations. It has never been entirely clear who would replace Baghdadi, despite his regularly being reported taken out of action.

It’s also not clear what this will mean for the US war in Syria, though since the war has already been transitioning to being about controlling Syria’s oil, which probably won’t be changed by this killing.


Good news if accurate….but keep in mind al-Baghdadi has been said to be dead on at least two occasions that I know of and injured in several others.

We await an official announcement from our Fearless Leader…..keep in mind he said Obama did not kill Osama it was the soldiers……which is correct of course…..I want to watch the spin.

I will post more as facts become known…..

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I return IST to its normal posting schedule…….

4 thoughts on “Breaking News–Syria

  1. I know I am cynical, but given all the recent criticism of US actions in Syria, a sudden ‘success’ might prove to be a welcome diversion.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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