To Impeach Or Not To Impeach

“That is the question…..whether it is nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of social media or by pursuit to end them”  Book of Chuq…..act one, scene one…….

The chants for impeachment are getting louder from Congress and those in opposition are just as loud…..personally I think this partisan divide will do NOTHING to solve the problem this country has with governance.

We know how the Dems feel and if you are paying attention then you know how the Repubs feel….with that said….do we know how the rest of the country feels?

Looks like Americans are shifting on impeachment—at least according to a new poll of 2,059 US residents conducted on Thursday and Friday, CBS News reports. Much in the YouGov poll breaks down predictably between Democrats and Republicans, but a slim majority now approve the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, with 55% on board and 45% opposed (a 6-point approval boost over a Thursday poll). Among those, 87% of Democrats approve and 13% disapprove, while 23% of Republicans approve and 77% disapprove. CBS News notes that Democrats don’t appear divided over impeachment, as some had predicted.

The poll also shows that most Republicans believe Trump either acted properly or, if improperly, still legally and within the bounds of past presidential behavior. On that front, 71% of Republicans called Trump’s apparent pressuring of Ukraine’s president a typical presidential move, while 85% of Democrats disagreed; 41% of those polled called Trump’s actions illegal, and 31% improper but legal. Does he deserve to be impeached? Overall, 42% said yes, 36% no, and 22% said it was too soon to say. On Friday, FiveThirtyEight analyzed recent polling and found an uptick of up to 10% in pro-impeachment sentiment among Americans since mid-April.

Granted most polls are only a momentary snapshot of what the opinions of the country are….

Let’s say that the House votes to impeach the whole affair moves to the Senate…..but with a majority in the Senate in bed with the GOP what are the chances that there will be an acquittal?

Not everybody thinks it will will a easy task for the GOP….

Former Sen. Jeff Flake has his own take on how the Senate would respond to President Trump’s impeachment, Fox News reports. “At least 35” Republican senators would support impeachment if the vote were held privately, he said Thursday at the 2019 Texas Tribune Festival. “I heard someone say if there were a private vote there would be 30 Republican votes. That’s not true,” he added in a Q&A. “There would be at least 35.” The frequent Trump critic talked more about it Friday, telling WBUR that “anybody who has sat through two years, as I have, of Republican luncheons realizes that there’s not a lot of love for the president.”

“There’s a lot of fear of what it means to go against the president, but most Republican senators would not like to be dealing with this for another year or another five years,” he went on. “So yeah, a private vote would go a lot differently, but that doesn’t matter because that’s just a hypothetical.” Asked what he thought of Democrats launching an impeachment inquiry, he said, “That was a pretty damning transcript. That was not anything you want your president to be doing. So I think we need to wait for the investigation to conclude and wait for likely testimony from the whistleblower him or herself before drawing conclusions.”

The saga begins and the results will be talked about for a couple of decades…..which side will be on the side of history?

A little history….back in the 90s Bill Clinton harmed national security by giving China some missiles and the tech to go with them and yet he was impeached for getting a blowjob….(has nothing to do with this impeachment but I do love to throw some history wherever I can)……

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6 thoughts on “To Impeach Or Not To Impeach

  1. Clinton not impeached for sex but on grounds of perjury to a grand jury (by a 228–206 vote) and obstruction of justice (by a 221–212 vote). The reason Trump is heading for impeachment is that he’s reaching for all evidence, foreign and domestic, to show the conspiracy against him as being a Russian agent nonsense. The matter that the DOJ, FBI, Dem Party, Clinton campaign colluded to overturn an election seems of little concern to democrats or Trump haters. It is the most serious affront to the Constitution by agents of government itself in history. He is in the impeachment process for fighting back. Even that nauseating Al Green unashamedly admits they have to impeach and get a conviction to remove him before he gets re-elected. That ugly witch Maxine Waters was screaming impeachment the day after the election even before he was inaugurated. Google “maxine waters – corruption” and you will be astonished at what comes up. “Because we lost the election” and “Because we hate him” are not grounds for impeachment or conviction. Democrats and Trump haters do think such are legitimate grounds. They also see nothing wrong with their leaders of sanctuary states and cities ordering their police agencies not to cooperate with ICE, Immigration and Homeland Security and have declared federal immigration statutes null and void in areas of sanctuary and see nothing wrong with that either. Neither does the media except FOX. Astonishing.

    1. But was acquitted in Senate….so apparently not as serious as some would want….no one O know is disputing the winner in 2016 that is all bullsdhit started to divert attention from real crimes and yes there are real crimes….chuq

  2. Well, right, they can’t dispute the election as Trump is president but they dispute the legitimacy of the electoral college and are using impeachment as revenge for their loss. Of course we do remain in disagreement whether Trump has committed crimes re the Mueller Report and this Ukraine transcript. Even though senate did not convict Clinton did commit perjury to a grand jury and obstruct justice. So it seems the senate acquitted on the grounds that the infractions did not rise to the degree of high crimes and misdemeanors in their estimation not innocence. But I think if I was a congressman at the time I would have not voted to impeach Clinton which was indeed initiated by the horny bastard getting serviced by whatshername. Agents of government did collude to frame Trump in a coup attempt which is a most dreadful crime. I tend to dismiss as criminal acts anything Trump did and does now to expose the plot, prove his innocence and save his presidency against enemies that know no boundaries even asking foreign governments to reveal the activities against him which was the real interference in the election. . The dems repeatedly proclaimed they would get him “by any means necessary” even by criminal acts which they dismiss as not being criminal acts from the moment the votes were in. 70 democrats in the house were on board to impeach a mere few months after he was sworn in before collusion with Russia and obstruction were even on the radar as issues. If Trump asks and direct Barr to finds conspiracy from foreign governments and asks foreign governments to work with him is the basic crime as interference in 2020 election which the dems present. What it actually is about is to reveal the crimes committed against him with foreign collusion in the 2016 election. Trump makes no secret that he asks for this assistance. It’s a matter of criminal investigation. Keeping it a secret would surely be a crime .

    1. Did he? If he was acquitted by the Senate then he was not guilty…a legal point but a fact nonetheless…..Barr is there to protect the citizens not the president……I have been questioning the legitimacy of the EC for decades…it is an out dated process that is no longer needed…..DEms have said the same as Repubs…..few want to remember the rhetoric around Benghazi…..then there is a personal lawyer flying around on the taxpayer dime to protect the man not the institution……so this is all called for was in 1990s and is today chuq

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