Making American (History) Great Again–Part 36

I have been giving my readers a history lesson….a good look at the history not necessarily taught in our schools and universities……that history is not as cut and dry as we are taught.

Maj. Sjursen has taken us from the early days of the republic to the present day…..this part takes us into the “forever war” years of GW Bush or Bush II….but before we get to those days I need to help a new reader get caught up with the saga so far…..

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Now we are ready to take on the presidency of GW Bush…..GW….Baby Bush…..we went to war his first year in office and we have been there ever since……

George W. Bush’s presidency forever changed the lives of millions at home and around the globe. (I, as a career Army officer, was one of those impacted.) Were it not for him, there would never have been long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The profound policy decisions of Bush prove the importance of presidential agency, the power of a single man to forever alter history. It was all rather ironic. Bush had run, in the 2000 election, on a platform of “compassionate conservatism”—a softening, of sorts, of the Republican dogma that had characterized the culture wars of the 1990s. He had even criticized the military interventionism of his predecessor, President Bill Clinton, and eschewed “nation-building” missions around the globe. Yet Bush would be one of the most zealous, and polarizing, conservatives in presidential history and would unleash American military might on an unprecedented scale. On his watch, it can be said without exaggeration, the U.S. shifted from covert to overt imperialism.

American History for Truthdiggers: Bush II and the Birth of Forever War

“These are the days that try men’s souls”….famous words by a famous writer…..we are coming to an end of this series, at least for now, what happens after GW is groundbreaking on so many levels.

Please take some time to read the series….I know it is a lot but you will learn stuff….so be smart.

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

Class Dismissed!

“Lego Ergo Scribo”

18 thoughts on “Making American (History) Great Again–Part 36

  1. “…the U.S. shifted from covert to overt imperialism.”

    Imperialism or an effort to have a presence in the breeding grounds of terrorism to monitor and preempt that kind of activity ? Iraq and Afgh are certainly not colonies or client states as would be so in imperialism. There were no attacks on US soil after 9/11 for the duration of the Bush 43 presidency.

    1. You might perhaps agree that this is Colonialism by force, Carl? The countries invaded became completely dependent on US military protection and foreign aid, meanwhile still supplying oil, valuable minerals, and opium of course, in the case of Afghanistan.
      They also provided opportunities for US ‘reconstruction’ and ‘security’ companies to reap good profits there.
      It sounds a lot like Imperialism to me, reminiscent of the tactics of the British Empire.
      (And I am English)
      Best wishes, Pete.

      1. No in terms of a territorial empire. Yes in terms of a military empire as part of our 900+ military bases overseas from mere listening stations to huge air, sea and land bases.

    2. But they are client states…..our cash flows into these countries by the barrel. You are right no attacks…but were there ever going to be more? Just saying chuq

  2. Now he is up to Bush the younger, one of my least favourite US presidents. And that’s saying something!
    Great article as always, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I know I think you have to join something to comment….so I follow him on Twitter and comment there……….he does have a good writing style……chuq

  3. Good article. Brings back my anger at W and cronies. The damage they did is much worse than anything yet done by Trump. They only thing Trump could do yo even come close would be to get us in s war with Iran. I don’t believe he will do that. Doing real damage is much worse than talking belligerently and crudely.

    1. Glad you liked it…..Trump will go to war if those neocons around him can change his mind….by say flattery or other modes being used on this president. chuq

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