UK Enters The Age Of Trump

Our friends in the UK have been through a process of picking a new Prime Minister….sadly the conservs have picked a Trump-esque clown to run the government.

Boris Johnson will become Britain’s new prime minister on Wednesday. The governing Conservative Party revealed Tuesday that the Brexit hardliner won a ballot of about 160,000 Conservative members to replace Theresa May, who announced her resignation last month, per the AP. Johnson, a former London mayor, had been the heavy favorite. He wooed Conservatives by promising to succeed where May failed and lead the UK out of the European Union on the scheduled date of Oct. 31—with or without a divorce deal. Several Conservative ministers have already announced they will resign to fight any push for a “no-deal” Brexit, an outcome economists warn would disrupt trade and plunge the UK into recession.

May stepped down after Britain’s Parliament repeatedly rejected the withdrawal agreement she struck with the 28-nation bloc. Johnson insists he can get the EU to renegotiate—something the bloc insists it will not do. If not, he says Britain must leave the EU on Halloween, “come what may.” Johnson will preside over a House of Commons in which most members oppose leaving the EU without a deal, and where the Conservative Party lacks an overall majority. He prevailed over British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt in the race to become prime minister.

If I understand the situation is right now leads the Tories (conservs) if the Queen accepts him as PM he will be invited to the Palace and asked to put together a government.

Brexit should be more in the news over here….Will Boris be a Trump-like demagogue or will he try to unite the country as Trump has NEVER done here in the US or will he be just another foolish person given the reins of government to embarrass the country?

If there is anything I missed or misrepresented then please help us Colonials understand this event.

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6 thoughts on “UK Enters The Age Of Trump

  1. I see no reason that leaving the European Union should diminish trade and commerce. Many Brits want out so to get control of their borders and have a sensible immigration policy. Brexit means no more open borders and no more acceptance of mass migration (kinda like what’s going on at the Rio Grande). Remaining in EU has cost European countries control of their borders , lessened security ability and led to increased crime and pockets of immigrants over which they have very little lawful control. They want their country back.

  2. How can any president unite the country with the likes of the SQUAT4 and their ilk seeing racism and screaming it at everyone who does not agree with their social agenda and international Marxism fortified with the media’s editorialized versions of actual news facts ?

    1. No American is ilk……the Squad is no more anti-American than you….not agree with Trump does not make one anti-American or hate the US…that is pure fear and manure spreading to divert attention from his crimes chuq

  3. Boris will inherit a lot of problems. Colleagues in his own party who don’t like him, and don’t want a no-deal Brexit. Plus the government majority will be smaller than ever, with the chance of his own members voting against his policies.
    The general consensus is that there will have to be an election in the autumn, with the Conservatives allying with the new Brexit Party to get any working majority.
    And Boris is no Trump. His buffoonery is a facade. He is well-educated, well-connected, and known to be ruthless and vindictive. Time will tell how much of a mess we are in now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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