Biden’s Our Man!

First, Not In My Book!

This is the slogan that the media is pushing on the voting public…..not by direct messaging but rather subtleties that cn be easily masked.

But is Biden the right person to lead the country?



He is a corporate stooge that will continue to let the corporations own DC……and keep the Middle Class floundering and make to a living…….

Being anti-Trump may be popular but it is not going to win the vote…..and his policies illustrate just how far in the pockets of the oligarchs……..

Let’s look at my favorite subject….foreign policy.

On the trail, Biden often speaks about his foreign policy credentials earned during his time in the Senate and the White House. Biden served as the highest-ranking Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 12 years, and dealt with foreign policy during his eight years serving as vice president to Barack Obama.

“The purpose of our foreign policy is to defend and advance the security of our people, their prosperity, and the democratic values that define the United States. Those are the North Stars that a Biden foreign policy would look to,” the Biden campaign official said.

Biden’s speech will focus on three main pillars: “Repairing and reinvigorating” U.S. democracy, while strengthening democracies around the world; helping the middle class succeed in a global economy with a “foreign policy for the middle class”; and taking a leadership role to coordinate global action on global threats unique to this century, including climate change, mass migration and nuclear threats.

Biden also would challenge private businesses to engage in the discussion, and charge tech and social media companies to “make their own commitments to make our democracy more resilient, and also to deal with the way technology is being abused in other countries — for surveillance states facilitating repression and censorship, spreading hate, spurring people to violence,” the official added.

(ABC News)

In other words we will continue the adventurism and interventionism of the past….wars will continue…..and corporations (M-IC) will continue to run the nation for their profits.

The problem is it comes up short in two big ways.

First, it lacks any specifics about what the former vice president would do to reverse Trump’s foreign policy. The roughly 100-second video effectively boils down to “Trump is bad” without offering why “Biden is good.” (Biden will hopefully offer a bit more detail on how he would conduct foreign affairs differently than Trump during his speech later on Thursday.)

Second, it conveniently overlooks some of Trump’s successes on the world stage. For example, his administration destroyed ISIS’s physical “caliphate,” improved ties with Israeli’s government (though angering Palestinians), began peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan that seem to be bearing (some) fruit, and renegotiated and updated the North American Free Trade Agreement known as NAFTA.


In other words a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for the status quo….the rich will get richer and the poor will fight the wars of aggression…..and quite possibly die.

Not what I am looking for….there are several candidates that would be better for the workers and their families….

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


“Lego Ergo Scribo”

8 thoughts on “Biden’s Our Man!

  1. Choosing Biden is the worst thing they could do. I am beginning to wonder if the powers that be actually want another four years of Trump, so are pushing the weakest opponent forward. Biden might even be in collusion, knowing he has no chance of winning.
    Stranger things have happened.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Biden is most recognized from his time in the shadow of Obama and he is pushing his candidacy as a continuing of the Obama years….not where the country needs to be chuq

      1. Oh the Tea Party, Freedom Caucus and Christian Right influences in republican party make me crazy. They all call the “normal” establishment republicans who prefer governing over purity in ideology RINOS (republicans in name only) but they are the RINOS and wing nuts. Afraid of the SQUAD 4 ? Absolutely not . Love them. They are driving people away from the democrat party with their Trump hate and labelling anything different from their agenda as racist. They take a knee at the anthem and flag. I agree with Trump:” Let them take a hike !” They scream “concentration camps ” and toilet water drinking but they vote against the funding to improve the conditions which are desperately inadequate and under supplied. They are for open borders and internationalism and ridicule our foundations. I don’t want them here either. The other democrats have different ideas and alternative approaches disagreeing with republicans but I don’t doubt their patriotism and love of country like the SQUAD 4.

      2. I think the “Squad” will do more for the DNC than hurt… is Biden and his corporate politics that will drive them away chuq

  2. In the primaries on most states, the candidates with the most votes, even if less than fifty per cents gets all the delegates. If Biden stays st thirty something per cent and wins primates by a plurality. He will wind up with the nomination
    Georgia has s run off between the top two vote getters. Maybe one or two other states have that. Biden could get the nomination eith thirty five per cent of the vote.
    But it is over six mounts until the voting starts. A lot can happen by then, but so far it looks like Biden will be the nominee. And will lose the general election.

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