Time For The Exit Stage Right

I predicted that after that first Dem debate that there would be a exit of some of the candidates for they will find it harder to find donors

Well it appears I was sorta right…..we may have our first exit…

After last week’s debates, the winnowing of the Democrats has begun—and while former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper insists he is staying in the race, an exodus of campaign aides is underway. Six aides, including campaign manager Brad Komar and national finance director Dan Sorenson, have confirmed to ABC that they are moving on. Sources tell Politico that the aides urged Hickenlooper last month to consider dropping out gracefully and running for Colorado’s Senate seat instead. He only raised $1 million in the second quarter of 2019, about as much as he raised in the first 48 hours of his candidacy. Hickenlooper is likely to qualify for the July Democratic debates but without a major breakout moment, few expect him to meet the requirements of 130,000 donors and 2% support for the September debates. He is polling at around 1% and sources say he currently has only 13,000 donors.

The first and not the last….

4 thoughts on “Time For The Exit Stage Right

  1. Maybe it will be down to about a dozen by the next debate. Small enough group to have only one debate. All on the same stage.
    But I liked. hearing different points from all the candidates. Made it more interesting.

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