Time For Barr To Go

The “Report” is out for all to see…..AG Barr has done the job he applied for as the defense council for the president……so it is time for him to go….he is NO longer needed……

Even the site The Hill thinks Barr should resign also…….

After Attorney General William Barr releases his redacted version of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller on Thursday, he should resign. His blatant partisanship disqualifies him from continuing as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States. Neither Congress nor the public will trust that he has been objective and fair in what he has decided to make public of the report, nor will they believe that he can handle any further issues surrounding wrongdoing by President Trump with integrity.

Let us consider the record of Barr in his short time as attorney general in this administration. After two years of constant attacks by Trump on the Justice Department and special counsel for investigating the possible collusion between the campaign and Russian interference in the 2016 election, Barr could have been a breath of fresh air as an attorney general who would firmly stand up for the rule of law. Instead, he just joined in the attacks, calling for yet another investigation into FBI actions during the campaign and releasing a biased summary of the special counsel report.


Time for Barr to tuck tail and leave before he gets himself into real difficulties……his reputation is in the toilet….his master is smiling….and the American people are more divided thanks to his narrative…..so time for Barr to back into the shadows and count his blessings.

Submit your resignation…..

In no small part because of the performance on Thursday of Attorney General William Barr, history will treat his Justice Department as it treats the Justice Department under Richard Nixon’s one-time attorney general, John Mitchell—an institution compromised by rank partisanship and more committed to ideology than the rule of law. Barr’s spin on special counsel Robert S. Mueller’s report all but ignored the report’s damning findings, misrepresented significant parts of Mueller’s reasoning, and described President Donald Trump’s motivations and supposed cooperation in terms straight out of White House talking points. Barr engaged in word-splitting pettifoggery that would make even Bill Clinton blush. Barr is clearly compromised by the partisan goals of this White House to the point where he cannot be trusted in the job. He should resign immediately.


Time for this embarrassing chapter to come to a conclusion.

Go Now!

8 thoughts on “Time For Barr To Go

  1. People were hoping the report would be the beginning of the end, but this is all just still getting started. It’s going to be an interesting few months.

  2. If he goes, that means a new appointment and another confirmation hearing. And the prospects of someone better being appointed are not high.
    I would concentrate on the election. Let the voters speak in 2020.

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