Here We Go Again!

The US has started many useless wars and our Dear Supreme Leader Trump has just decided we have not had enough war…so why not just start another drawn out affair?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: The U.S. is committing itself to a long-term stabilization mission in a chronically unstable country. The mission involves training and equipping the local government forces to fight against jihadi insurgents and won’t end until those local forces are capable of fighting on their own. Unfortunately, recruitment is low and the training is slow going, in part because the local U.S.-backed government is weak and commands little public support. Under the pretext of fighting international terrorism, the U.S. is taking on a group that poses little direct threat to the United States, is being drawn into local conflicts unrelated to its ostensible mission, and risks creating more radicalization through civilian casualties.

It could be Iraq or Afghanistan (or substitute communist for jihadi and it could be any number of Cold War proxy conflicts), but in this case it’s Somalia.

We have Iraq, Syria, Yemen and now an extension of our commitment to Somalia……of goody….HERE WE GO AGAIN!

When will the American people hit their saturation point for war?  We keep allowing these “leaders” (I use the term loosely) to send our citizens into wars that serve no purpose other than making profits for some and death for others…..

Why is this?

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