Closing Thought–17Apr19

Fire has destroyed a cultural icon….Notre Dame and the world has pledged to have it rebuilt…..

“Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral went up in flames on Monday evening, a blaze that devastated the landmark, destroying its wooden-beamed roof and collapsing the iconic spire in a searing loss for Paris and France,” Reuters reports.

“President Emmanuel Macron pledged to rebuild the Gothic masterpiece, and within the first 24 hours after the fire began, tycoons, companies and local authorities stepped forward with large donations,” Reuters reports. “French billionaire businessman Bernard Arnault’s family and his LVMH luxury goods group said they would donate 200 million euros to help repair the cathedral.”

“French luxury and cosmetics group L’Oreal, along with the Bettencourt Meyer family and the Bettencourt Schueller foundation, will donate 200 million euros in total,” Reuters reports. “CEO Tim Cook said on Twitter Apple would donate an unspecified sum to rebuilding efforts.”

At the exact time that Notre Dame was burning so was the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem….has anyone stepped forward to offer help?

How about those black churches in Louisiana?

Fires that destroyed three predominantly black Baptist churches in St. Landry Parish in the last 10 days are “suspicious,” the state’s top fire investigator said Thursday, adding that they’ve discovered several “patterns” at the three crime scenes.

But it’s too soon to classify the fires as arson, State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said at a press conference, walking a tight line without actually linking the three blazes.

“There certainly is a commonality,” he said. “Whether that leads to a person or persons or groups, we just don’t know. And that’s not unusual for us not to know at this point.”

The fact that it is three black Baptist churches in the same parish is obviously a pattern. “And there are several other patterns,” Browning added.

Has Apple stepped forward to help in these reconstruction efforts?

What makes Notre Dame more important than al-Aqsa or the churches in Louisiana?  All are houses of worship none more important than the others.

Looks like Apple goes where they can get the most PR bang for their bucks….I was considering an Ipad but now Apple can…….. kiss my ass!

Enough said!

People have steeped up for the churches in Louisiana……

Less than 24 hours elapsed between President Macron’s call for donations to rebuild Notre Dame and nearly $1 billion being pledged, reports Time. In comparison, a nearly week-old campaign seeking funds to rebuild three historically black churches destroyed by arson in Louisiana within the last month had raised only $93,000 as of Tuesday morning, reports the New York Times. A day later, that number has skyrocketed to more than $1.1 million thanks to social media promotion from journalists, pro athletes, and politicians, including Hillary Clinton, reports the Hill. “As we hold Paris in our thoughts today, let’s also send some love to our neighbors in Louisiana,” Clinton tweeted alongside a link to the GoFundMe campaign from the Seventh District Baptist Association, which includes the three Baptist churches gutted in fires on March 26, April 2, and April 4.

More than 21,000 people have donated as of this writing, with funds to be split evenly between the churches in St. Landry Parish, each more than 100 years old. “It’s a total, complete loss at all three sites,” association president Freddie Jack tells the Times. Mount Pleasant Baptist in Opelousas fared best, but at St. Mary Baptist in Port Barre and Opelousas’ Greater Union Baptist Church—which had taken out a mortgage to cover a recent renovation—”all you see is charcoal.” The fund seeks $1.8 million total; Jack notes insurance coverage is limited and strict building codes have been put in place since Hurricane Katrina. The money raised so far is “a blessing,” Rev. Gerald Toussaint of Mount Pleasant Baptist tells CNN. “What the devil meant for bad, God’s going to turn it into something good.”

I am pleased to see that the money is helping but sad that it took the fire in Paris to start the wheels moving……

16 thoughts on “Closing Thought–17Apr19

  1. It does seem that they just choose which buildings are ‘iconic’. The French government can well afford to rebuild Notre Dame without donations. And what about the Catholic Church?. That is not short of a Euro or two.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. When I saw pictures of ISIS destroying statues and museum relics in the ME, my first comment to my better-half was, “My God, all that history being destroyed and For What?”
        But no one else seemed to care in that country except for the NATO forces, so why bother.

      2. No one cared in the admin here either…..why bother is not a question that needs answering….we know why. chuq

  2. Other bloggers and myself included were quite suspicious when they declared the fire an “accident” while it was still blazing – who the heck does that? I just think France is afraid of what would be expected of them, should it turn out to be a terrorist attack.

    1. And the CIA were behind the Twin Towers…..conspiracies will swirl depending on the narrative the perps want… accident because of renovation makes more sense. chuq

      1. I not a conspiracy person, but who with any common sense declares a fire an accident while it’s still burning?

      2. Good point….did they declare or say “possible”? Now they are looking at the wiring for a short……chuq

      3. The report is out and I have posted a link….better read than to listen to talking heads pretend to know what is says….chuq

    2. Isn’t this farfetched. Why a conspiracy, the Americans seam to love to do that whatever things happen.

      Centuries old buildings are vunurable but also very strong.
      Vulnerable by the very wood used.
      Stone constructions that withheld revolutions, wars, fires engolving a city in the past.

      The way they are build was not for the short term but for the centuries

      1. It quite possibly was an accident – but who with any common sense declares that while it’s still burning? An arson team has to declare that after a thorough examination.

  3. I have to correct you and that is very rare:

    Here is where th fire broke out.
    The Al-Marwani prayer room is located underneath the south-eastern corner of the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound (Haram Al Sharif).

    The fire was very quickly under control, damage has to be assessed.

    I don’t want diminiss the cultural value of the Notre Dame or the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    I think there is enough misinformation going on in the world. I place a link of the Palastine Chronicle

    You can read the story in:

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