Democrats Need To Speak Up!

2019…Trumps foreign policy is all the rage in the MSM…..withdrawal from Syria, draw down in Afghanistan, the coddling of Russia and the BS around North Korea, the chest thumping around the situation in Venezuela and finally the distrust of the Intel agencies…..been a helluva a year for the last 31 days……

But let’s look at Trump’s 2019 foreign policy……

Never before has any presidential administration been as all over the place in terms of national security and foreign policy as is that of Donald J. Trump. Indeed, one might well argue that there is no overriding policy at all in terms of a rational doctrine arrived at through risk versus gain analysis of developing international situations. Instead, there has been a pattern of emotional reactions fueled by media disinformation supplemented by “gut feelings” about a series of ultimately bilateral relationships that frequently have little or nothing to do with American national interests.

These days both parties are struggling with what foreign policy should look like….confusion and doubt is the keys these days……..

When the new members of the 116th Congress arrive in Washington next month, they’re likely to find themselves focusing on a relatively unusual priority: foreign policy. And though Democrats promised during the midterms to challenge President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, it’s not just about opposition to the president. With a flurry of think pieces proposing roadmaps for new progressive, liberal, or conservative foreign policies, everyone’s talking about the future of U.S. foreign policy. The most important of these debates are the ones inside the two political parties, as Republicans and Democrats attempt to build foreign policy platforms with an eye toward the 2020 election.

Curious to understand where the right and left are heading on foreign policy, we’ve held a variety of events at the Cato Institute to try and understand this question: a roundtable building on Patrick Porter’s work on the “liberal international order,” events with notable critics of the existing foreign policy consensus, such as Harvard’s Stephen Walt, meetings to explore potential areas of common ground between libertarians and progressives, and interviews with experts for Power Problems, our biweekly podcast

And in all that time the Dems have been their wimpy self about all these situations…some of the 2020 hopefuls have fallen on their swords when it comes to Trump foreign policy……

One month after President Donald Trump abruptly ordered thousands of troops to pull out of Syria and Afghanistan, only a handful of the Democratic Party’s likely 2020 presidential candidates have taken a stance on one of the most important U.S. foreign policy decisions in years.

The drawdown in Afghanistan and total withdrawal from Syria is expected to significantly alter the fight against the Islamic State militant group and potentially leave American-allied militias vulnerable as the U.S. begins to extricate its forces. The decision has also triggered backlash from the U.S. security establishment, including the resignation of top officials like former Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis.

Now is the time for the people to demand this new Congress to make their policies known…..

As the nation continued to reel from President Donald Trump’s shock decision last month to remove all U.S. troops from Syria, news came Wednesday that an unknown number of US soldiers were among at least 15 killed in a bombing in northern Syria. Amid such continued violence, one would think the president’s withdrawal would have ever more urgency. And yet, just about everyone in Washington has attacked his decision to pull out.

The reflexive hatred for Trump that dominates the national conversation is bad for the US, especially when it comes to foreign policy. This is not to say that the president isn’t a flawed figure; after all, I’ve spent the better part of two years critiquing most of his policies. Still, when the man demonstrates prudent judgment—as in his recent calls to pull US troops out of Syria and Afghanistan—he should be applauded. But that’s unlikely to happen in a divided America, as long as an interventionist, bipartisan consensus runs the show in Washington.

The direction the Congress sets will influence the world and the Dems must step up and do what is necessary.


6 thoughts on “Democrats Need To Speak Up!

  1. Chuq, thanks for your opinion re; foreign policy. You’re right! I didn’t realize it, but those Dems who have “announced,” didn’t address foreign policy – and it certainly does need to be addressed. It’s just the beginning, so let’s hope they will let us hear their thoughts on that topic. The “foreign policy” spouted by tRump is a joke, or would be, if it was not so real.

  2. They need to get on board with the situations in Venezuela and Iran too. If they continue to sit on the sidelines, they will end up as witnesses to two more pointless wars.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. 80%+ of voting public in US does not relate to foreign policy and don’t think the damn wall has anything to do with foreign policy. Experience in FP did not count in Geo, H Bush, Obama, Raygun, or Hillary elections.

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