Making America Great Again–Part 25

This has nothing to do with the outlandish slogan from 2016… is a look at American history and what has made this country great….even with the flaws we have had.

The series is written by Maj. Danny Sjursen a historian…..and in case if you have missed the other 24 parts I can help…..

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Now for Part 25……

Isolationism. Appeasement. Few words in American history have a more pejorative meaning than these. To this day, anti-war political figures are broadly described as naive isolationists ready to let the world burn in chaos; furthermore, current attempts at diplomatic compromise often are likened to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s perceived appeasement of Germany’s Adolf Hitler in 1938. At times such comparisons hold water. Usually they don’t. Each era and its prevailing context carry along contingent events and millions of decision makers with agency of their own. Rarely does one period bear any real resemblance to another. Few if any contemporary adversaries constitute the threat and pure evil of a Hitler. Fewer international compromises are as ill-fated as that made at Munich in 1938.

Still, we are told, the era between World War I and World War II continues to offer supposedly incontestable truths and lessons to be learned. In 1945 most Americans left the Second World War convinced—for the first time in our national history—that the U.S. must engage with and lead the world of nations. Furthermore, never again could a democratic nation compromise with or placate an authoritarian adversary. This, we are told, is the key lesson of the 20-odd years separating the two wars (1918-39). In certain instances, perhaps, the internationalists have been proved right. Then again, with the United States now engaged in countless wars and operating military bases around the globe, one must admit that the triumph of interventionism has had its cost, both to the budget and our republican ideals.

This has proved to be a popular history lesson….hopefully all will check it out.

Lear Stuff!

Class Dismissed!


2 thoughts on “Making America Great Again–Part 25

  1. Interesting to see the consequences of not getting involved in Spain. If the Republicans had received more support back then, and defeated Franco, there was a good chance that Hitler would have been reluctant to invade Czechoslovakia and Poland. Another good article in the series.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I knew you would appreciate it….the world missed a good opportunity to show the world where freedom could exist….Spain was that missed chance. chuq

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