Smile Through The Pain

Another Sunday and another bottle of wine….a lovely Bordeaux…..after a good breakfast of spinach and mushroom omelette ….the day looks so much brighter than it did when I arose.

MoMo after a hard day of chasing squirrels and that damn tail she lost…..LOL

Enough jocularity!

Have you seen the happy little turds that are pushing one diet after another….they lost 100 pounds…..or 35 pounds…..or whatever poundage they want to push….the special meals or those shakes or those machines….weight loss is what we are selling and making the gullible believe….

But you know all that happiness could hide something “dark”…..

One woman lost the weight and now is telling the tale of the after………

“In the fitting room of a Limited Too in Miami, I told my mother, You’re hurting me. She was sausaging my body into an American flag T-shirt in the largest size they sold.  

She was trying to help.

In the third grade, I’d pore over their catalog for hours, longing not only for the bohemian-chic bandana halter tops but for the body that would allow me to wear them. The T-shirt was for a patriotic school event, red, white and blue temporarily replacing our khaki-based uniforms. I ended up wearing something else.

This is a story that you seldom hear or read….the after days and how it effects you mentally.

Her story reminds me of a friend from years back…..she was always overweight and then decided to lose those unwanted pounds….she finally found the diet for her and she dropped 57 pounds….and she became unhappy with herself after a year or so…..she started drinking and eating and died after drinking too much…..her sister said at her funeral….”was it really worth it?”

May have been an isolated case but I miss her….she was a good friend and let body image destroy her life.

Sorry to be a downer……time for me to let MoMo out to continue her quest for that damn squirrel.



4 thoughts on “Smile Through The Pain

  1. Western society’s attitude to weight and body image has a lot to answer for. Anorexia, Depression, and yo-yo dieting that can cause organ failure. A world bombarded with compelling advertisements for food, alongside similar ones for weight-loss clubs. It’s just crazy.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Doctors I use don’t push weight loss as much now because they realize the weight just come right back on after the diet stops.

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