A Great Idea!

I have found that many people in my area do not recycle….the biggest excuse is that they cannot see how they benefit from it….I am sure that there are other that feel that way….after all we Americans are self-centered and want everything to be about themselves.

I read a great article about a program in Turkey that should be considered here in this country especially those cities with a subway…….

If you find yourself in Istanbul and you’re short on change for your train fare, the bottles of water or cans of beer that are hiding in your recycling bin might come in handy. İTÜ-Ayazağa metro station in Maslak, the city’s second-largest financial district, now accepts recyclable cans and bottles as train fare. The city’s municipal government and an Istanbul-based IT company called Isbak introduced reverse vending machines to the station in mid-October to encourage customers to recycle more by making it super convenient.

Customers can top up their city transportation pass (Istanbul Card) by feeding the reverse vending machines with recyclable plastic bottles and aluminium cans. The machines will crush, shred and sort out the recyclable waste. According to the New York Times, the city wants to introduce 100 more at 25 locations, including schools and universities before the year is out.


A great way for people to see a benefit to recycle plus a way for many plastic and tin cans out of the streets and environment…..

I Like this type of thinking….shows there is hope yet.  Is there a reason the US cannot do this?

6 thoughts on “A Great Idea!

  1. We could do that. I have seen some of those reverse vending machines. The payout was pretty small.
    Now the county collects paper, cans and plasticwith the garbage pickup. They furnish a plastic roiling trash can for you to put the recyclables in. They say they need to reduce the amount of trash in the county land fill. One half the trash going into the fill could be recycled. Taxpayers listen to that because they understand buying a place for a new land fill will cost them money. The appeal is to save the county, and the taxpayers money. That gives some individual incentive and works.

    1. I was told that the recyclable industry is going badly…and could soon be a thing of the past…..I am trying to the report…..will post when I do….chuq

  2. That sounds like something useful, for a change. Getting the machines installed in the right places would seem to be the only stumbling block to overcome.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. if welfare we get a/holes to recycle then i say give ….this is a great idea because most americans are too good to recycle or too lazy……chuq

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