Life Imitates Art

Trump and his wall….that is all that is on anyone’s mind these days….especially if you are a Federal employee…..but anyway….

Ever heard of Walter Trump?

Every now and then I post a thing about life imitating art….where something in TV or a movie comes to life in an unpredictable way………..

We all have been bombarded by endless mind numbing stories about that damn wall debate on our Southern border….but did you know that early TV had a con man named Trump? Walter Trump. And guess what…he also was selling a stupid ineffectual wall.

“A clip from a 1950s TV show is going viral because of some eerie parallels to President Donald Trump and his plan to build a wall.

The episode of the series “Trackdown” titled “The End of the World” featured a conman by the name of Trump ― Walter Trump ― who was trying to sell a wall to a town to protect it from meteorites. 

“I am the only one, just me,” Trump said on the show. “I can build a wall around your homes that nothing can penetrate.”

Does that sound familiar? Seriously! Does it?

I love it when Life Imitates Art!

I love it!

My day is about to get much better……wine, french bread, cheese and the garden with MoMo……cool wind and cloudy day….I found a great Malbec from Argentina…..enjoy your day…..Be well, be safe.

17 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art

      1. Tumblr is just too complicated for me so it’s back to blogspot and worthless press won’t let me back in unless i reactivate my cancelled account … something that is not going to happen. But I can bypass them and comment on your blogs through my twitter account which is what I am doing.

      2. This went to my SPAM folder that is why I check it at least twice a day so I do not miss important stuff…It is really good to see you back….hope Blogspot works out…..chuq

  1. Rainy and cold day here.
    No end in sight.

    I think the Surpreme Court should find a way to rule it us illegal to stop paying federal employees in any case.
    Roberts is pretty creative. I expect he could write the opinion if he wanted the court to go that way.
    This is unconstitutional. Forced servitude without pay. Failure of U S to recognize and pay its debts. Lots of ways to go.

    1. I read TSA agents will get a $500 bonus during the shutdown…..the House is trying to get the money to people but the Senate will not go along….cowards each and every one….chuq

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