Closing Thought–11Jan19

We all make resolutions for the new year….some make predictions of the coming year…..and with this president there are many predictions…..but one caught my attention….

The possibility of a resignation……

Alan J. Steinberg—who served as an adviser to former President George W. Bush—wrote in an opinion piece published this week that he didn’t believe President Donald Trump would be removed from office through impeachment.

Steinberg, a former Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator, said that he believed Trump would resign in 2019 in exchange for immunity.

“Trump will not be removed from office by the constitutional impeachment and removal process,” Steinberg wrote in The Star-Ledger. “Instead, the self-professed supreme dealmaker will use his presidency as a bargaining chip with federal and state authorities in 2019, agreeing to leave office in exchange for the relevant authorities not pursuing criminal charges against him, his children or the Trump Organization.”

Steinberg noted in the piece that should the House of Representatives impeach Trump, 20 Republican senators would have to break with the president to remove him from office—and that seems very unlikely. Steinberg wrote that the many legal challenges facing Trump—the investigation from special counsel Robert Mueller, the probe from the Southern District of New York as well as inquiries from the attorney general of New York and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office—could lead him to leave the White House, especially as authorities close in on his family.

Something to consider as the year wears on and legal issues swirl around this president…..

Okay fellow bloggers….any thoughts on this prediction?

4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–11Jan19

  1. I have always thought it more likely that he would just tire of the job, and resign.
    The possibility of impeachment might hasten that decision.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. If Mueller finds s smoking gun he will probably resign. I doubt if that happens. If his support drops he will not run again but his support is in the low forties, right where it was when he was elected. With our electoral system that is all he needed. It was in the right places and his support turned out.

    Lots of people were and still are so disgusted with the status quo dominated by the MIC and the Northeast liberals that he could get elected again. I know a lot of people that still support him. I asked one man about my age and asked him who he though would be elected in 2020. He looked at me like he thought I was crazy and said Trump as if anything else was out of the question.

    These people equal democrats with open borders, unending war, socialism and communism. Hillary and Sanders did nothing to dispell these beliefs.

    That is my take today. It may change tomorrow.

    1. You know only old farts from the “Red Scare” days hate Socialism…the younger people are not that dismissive…..if Trump’s numbers slide he will not run for re-election….he will not want to be a loser something he is constantly in fear of becoming…..chuq

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