Just One Of Those Dead Beat Tenants

I try to keep my readers up on the fiscal policies of the government…..or the lack of responsibility.

Ever had a bad month and your water got turned off before you could make it to the office to pay?

Have you heard the stories about our dear leader has been slow or even refused to pay his bills in the past?

Have you ever heard the old saying “show me a man that does not pay his bills and I will show you a little man”?

Okay enough questions….they all lead mto the article I will reference…..

The big question raised at a recent meeting of the Board of Directors for DC Water was: At what point can the Board shut off the water supply of a customer who isn’t paying their bills? A related question was: What if that customer happens to be the White House?

The Board’s chief financial officer, Matthew Brown, brought up how he received an email from a Treasury Department official saying that the federal government would not be paying all of their quarterly water bill, which comes out to $16.5 million. The email apparently said that the government would not be paying $5 million of that.


How embarrassing can it get?

Think back to all those stories of Trump not paying his bills in the past……I guess “old habits die hard” are more true than we imagined.

Once a con man always a con man.

5 thoughts on “Just One Of Those Dead Beat Tenants

  1. Shut the water off to the White House and the capital and congressional office buildings. Maybe then they wii do their jobs and end the shutdown.

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