Closing Thought–07Jan19

It has been a really crappy holiday season for about 800,000 federal employees that have been without work because of this stupid shutdown……a loss of jobs for some metaphorical wall of $5 billion… not forget there is a pay raise for federal employees signed by Our Dear Supreme Leader…..

But not to worry our leaders are on the job and getting a pay raise to boot……

While 800,000 federal workers are currently either working without pay or furloughed and not entitled to retroactive pay, President Donald Trump’s top appointees as well as Vice President Mike Pence are scheduled to get pay raises averaging about $10,000 per year on Saturday—and the shutdown is to blame for the glaring inequity.

An executive pay freeze, which caps the salaries of top government employees and has been in place since 2013, lapsed on Dec. 21 because Congress was unable to pass the spending bill in which it was included, leading to the government shutdown that’s now gone on for two weeks.

Without the salary caps in place, Pence is entitled to a $13,000 raise on Saturday, bringing his compensation to $243,500 per year. Cabinet secretaries will be given raises of about $11,000, bringing their pay to $210,000, while their deputies and other top agency administrators will be given significant raises as well.

Looks like a really shitty year for federal employees shaping up for the new year….

I wrote this as I got the news so after this draft was written the overlords made a decision about their pay raise…..

Federal agencies have been directed to hold off enacting pay raises for top administration officials during a government shutdown that has left hundreds of thousands of federal workers without pay, the AP reports. The guidance was issued Friday in a memo from Margaret Weichert, the acting director of the Office of Personnel Management. The raises were the result of a pay freeze for top federal officials, including the vice president and cabinet secretaries, that was on the verge of expiring because of the shutdown. In the memo, Weichert writes, “In the current absence of Congressional guidance,” OPM “believes it would be prudent for agencies to continue to pay these senior political officials at the frozen rate until appropriations legislation is enacted that would clarify the status of the freeze.”

Not out of the kindness of their hearts…it is a PR stunt to make them seem they care… became public knowledge they had to look as if they were unaware.

8 thoughts on “Closing Thought–07Jan19

  1. It astounds me how much this administration didn’t know about shutdowns before going into one. Considering we’ve been on the brink of a shutdown a half a dozen times under this president, you think more folks would have looked into the possible consequences of one.

      1. I agree, but I’m still amazed he nor his staff would look beyond the immediate to see what repercussions down the road would hurt his ego or approval ratings. And his approval is ticking down again.

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