Romney Said What?

Closing Thought–02Jan19

The truth is that the numerous times that Mitt Romney ran for the nomination of the GOP for a chance to run for the presidency I was never a supporter….I found his stands and policies way to Right leaning for me……that was the past and today is the present.

The incoming Senator from Utah has issued an op-ed being critical of Trump…..

Mitt Romney will be sworn in as a US senator on Thursday—and he makes it clear in a Washington Post op-ed that he has no intention of becoming an unquestioning ally of President Trump. Romney writes that Trump was not his choice to become the GOP nominee for president and while he hoped Trump would rise to the occasion, “his conduct over the past two years, particularly his actions this month, is evidence that the president has not risen to the mantle of the office.” Romney says that while he agrees with some Trump policies, Trump has failed to unite or inspire the nation as a president should. “With the nation so divided, resentful, and angry, presidential leadership in qualities of character is indispensable,” he writes. “And it is in this province where the incumbent’s shortfall has been most glaring.” Trump’s words and actions, he writes, have caused worldwide dismay.

The Utah Republican promises to work with other senators on priorities including balancing the budget and repairing relationships with allies. “I will act as I would with any president, in or out of my party: I will support policies that I believe are in the best interest of the country and my state, and oppose those that are not,” he writes. “I do not intend to comment on every tweet or fault. But I will speak out against significant statements or actions that are divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest, or destructive to democratic institutions.” In a tweet, Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said Romney “lacked the ability to save this nation.” “Jealously (sic) is a drink best served warm and Romney just proved it,” he wrote.

Of course that person in the White House had to fire back like some pouting twat… usual Trump’s response was a juvenile rant that was not based in reality (reality?  A spot our president has yet to find)

I am pleased to see that Romney is showing some spine and courage…..but I have seen several GOPers try to take on Trump only to fold like a cheap tent a gravel at Trump’s feet.

The only critics Trump has had in the GOP were those that were cowardly bowing out and not standing for re-election so they had nothing to lose and could criticize without having to gravel later.

Hopefully Romney will stick by his guns….if so then he will have given me hope that there are those in the GOP with a spine.

4 thoughts on “Romney Said What?

    1. That leads one tp question just what is Trump;….he is not a true conserv and he is not a Liberal….then what the Hell is this d/bag? Look for a post soon explaining this….(I hope) chuq

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